Harman Somal Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Boyfriend, Family, & More

Harman Somal Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Boyfriend, Family, & More


harman somal

Beauty is abundant in the world, and the genius handicraft of the creator has given a breathtaking variety to this beauty. Most of us are worshippers of feminine beauty and cannot get enough of the unimaginable diversity in the beauties found in this world. Among all these kinds, there is a rare one which is a fine mix of jaw-dropping bodyliciousness and childlike innocence and baby-cuteness. Harman Somal is the prime example of this rare kind. She is a professional model of the highest rung and a top-notch social media influencer with a staggering fan following which can easily blow your heads off. With a magnetic aura and captivating personality richly influenced by the lovely Punjabi charms, Harman is a phenomenon impossible to resist and something you shall be drawn to like a moth to its pyre, lover to his funeral pyre.

somal harman


This innocent charmer was born on 8 June 1998 to a municipal commissioner, landlord, and farmer, Harvinder Singh Somal (father) and the happy homemaker Manpreet Kaur Somal (mother) infamous city Patiala in Punjab. Her educational foundation was laid in Shivalik Public School, and Harman graduated from Chandigarh DAV College, Sector 10. Her nostalgically adorable childhood was shared and enjoyed with her sweet brother (Pra Ji) Uday.
Her brother, Uday Bhagwan Singh Somal is currently pursuing his graduation in a university in Canada. Her precious childhood was further enriched and enhanced with the presence of her wise grandparents.
Her merry young hood was further delighted by the company of  Rajdev Kaur Somal, a protective and doting granny, and her grandfather Balwan Singh Somal, a respected shop inspector and Sarpanch of the village. This is how this pretty bud was nourished and reared and nurtured with
boundless love, care, and value education. And this is a short description of the lovely journey of Harman, the budding and blossoming into a full-fledged beauty, into a fabulous flower she now is.

Harman Somal Childhood Pic

harman somal childhood pic

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This 22-year-old Diva is fondly addressed as Mammnu. A most exquisite diamond-shaped face, with a bright, clean, and beautiful complexion, boasts of a long, straight and queenly nose, hypnotically attractive hazel eyes, picture-perfect, short but plump plush baby-lips, a fine mix of bubbly plumpness (of cheeks), and well-carved angularity in the jawline and especially in the royally prominent chin - is the best words can do to describe this indescribable gorgeousness. This captivating face comes with a remarkable height of 5'8" and a curvaceous hourglass measuring jaw-dropping 36-30-37. Harman aka Mammnu is a rare delight to behold.
A typical Punjabi aura surrounds this damsel. A very innocent and winsome smile can often be spotted on her lovely lips. She is a perfect balance of irresistible hotness and a baby-like adorableness demanding pampering. Seemingly, her body is too lovely in the original state to afford the adulteration of tattoos. She has none. Now, that we are quite familiar with this glam-goddess, we move on to her spectacular career.

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There is really no definite track of how the spectacular career of this dazzling diva evolved. It is like a piece of jigsaw puzzle with random pieces available. It is like an unfinished sketch by an artist- to be sketched and painted with random tidbits of info and intelligent guesses. All that we know, with surety, is her Instagram fame, success, and grandeur. Currently, her Instagram has a whopping 1.65+ lakh followers. When asked about her career, Mammnu tells that acting and modeling have been her passions ever since childhood. She used to watch movies honestly and dance along with the actors on screen. She always looked at the television and always dreamt of getting to the same destination one day.  With this helluva success trailing her like her shadow, she is self-sufficient and has a steady income source in social media influencing and modeling. Her future projects include modeling for some good brands and some movies.

Mehfil aur kyA hotI ? Ham khudme hi Mehfil the
Mast-maula, bekhauff, khush aur zinda dil the
Dekh hamArI AdAon ko, waqt bhI thamtA gayA
Ham bhar chalte rahe, samA khud bandhtA gayA

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This 22-year-old Punjabi Patakha is a Gemini. When it comes to actors, Akshay Kumar and Sushant Singh Rajput rule her beautiful heart. Among actresses, Priyanka Chopra and Kareena Kapoor inspire her. Jab we met and Yeh Jawani hai Deewani are two movies which are very special to her and never fail to amaze her.
If you are bamboozled by her sculpted body, you are bound to think of her diet as that of ascetics. You can never be more mistaken! Mammnu never compromises with delicious food and heartily enjoys North Indian and Chinese cuisines.
Harman likes Yellow and Pink colors. She is not much of a web series-lover. Her most loved city is Mumbai. It is her favorite place. A celestial nymph (Apsara) herself, she delights in dancing as it brings her so much joy and life. When asked about some lesser-known facts about her she reveals that she is a pretty good dancer and singer as well.  According to her, her good habits are always learning new things and keeping on updating her knowledge base, and being a great listener. She thinks that her bad habit is being too curious due to which people may sometimes get irritated. As far as friends and family are concerned, she says that her relations and family is her topmost priority. She is very health-aware and never smokes away her life in vain.

harman somal instagram
Her formula in life for being happy is to follow the heart no matter what. There is one particularly cute childhood memory from her. Once, when she had flunked one of her exams, she was so terrified, she hid herself up somewhere in her own house and got her family worried. Finally, she was caught and then got super scoldings.  Her biggest dream is to lead life exactly as her heart desires. She finds that the best quality of an actor is being natural and learning continuously. Also, it is important to meet new people from various backgrounds and experiences.
One message which she wants to give to her admirers is to never be afraid of taking risks in life. She does not believe that any of her talents are useless because even in uselessness she is useful. A bit confusing? but so be it.

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Coming from such a humble small city background, what Harman has managed to achieve is phenomenal. This witty, intelligent, bewitchingly beautiful angel holds a lot of promise. A vision of excellence, goddess looks, irresistible charms, hard work, and perseverance - together form a deadly combination and make her an unstoppable force to be reckoned with. More force to this damsel!

Mujhe hai khud par yakeen, kahAn kAmayAbI mujhe dhUndnA hai?
KAmayAbI khud kadam mere chUmtI, mujhe to bas mast jhUmnA hai
Hoor hUn mai jannat kI, farishte bhI mujhse jalte hain
Mere hI adAo par marte, chaand aur taarein chalte hain
Samajhna ho to samajh lo guroor ise merA, par KAbIliyat ye toh meri hai
Eemandar aur mehnatii ke Taaj-poshii me kabhii nahiin koii derii hai
KabhI na koI derI hai

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somal harman height

harman somal age

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