Gemma Chan attributes healthy skin to water.

Gemma Chan attributes healthy skin to water.

The "Crazy Rich Asians" star must travel frequently for work, but she maintains her beauty routine, even while in flight, and believes it is crucial to maintain a healthy fluid intake.

When asked how she keeps up her beauty regimen when travelling, she told Refinery 29: "Keeping hydrated is crucial, in my opinion. I try to wash my face, use a serum, and be really consistent with that when I'm on a flight. I discovered that lymphatic drainage treatments are beneficial following travel."

The actress, 39, is grateful that her mother instilled in her healthy skin care routines at a young age.
She remarked, "My mother was quite wonderful at teaching a proper routine—cleanse, tone, and moisturise—when I was little. No matter where you are or what time it is, make sure you do it. I have so made an effort to adhere to that, with varied degrees of success.

"When I was younger, I had a tomboyish personality and participated in many sports. However, I also recall walking into my mother's room and feeling as though I were entering a cloud of Elnett. I recall playing around with her lipsticks. I experimented a lot with beauty as a youngster, which led to some serious mistakes."

Gemma enjoys beauty "gadgets" almost as much.

She uttered: "I have my favourite gadgets. Anything that can be stored in a refrigerator is suitable. There's a face roller and an eye cream. These kind of cooling face masks are my favourite since they reduce puffiness and feel good."

The "Eternals" actor said that while she has learnt certain beauty tips from her mother, there are some that she should have picked up from on-set make-up artists.

She uttered: "They seem to realise that you need to know the time of day and the lighting conditions because they can change drastically, and that you should adjust your entire beauty routine accordingly. To make it less flat, use face powder in a variety of colours. I should do that more often, but I don't."

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