Gehana Vasisth Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Boyfriend, Family, & More

Gehana Vasisth Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Boyfriend, Family, & More


gehana vasisth

Beauty is the object of worship for poets and lovers alike. And when it comes to augmentation of womanly beauty, nothing beats the good old ornaments and jewelry. The personality we are going to meet today, is a breath-taking piece of jewelry. Yes, Gehana Vasisth, primarily an actress and also an anchor, television presenter, producer and director, is just like beautiful necklace for all the beauty the film industry stands for. She is a model who has worked with international brands like Philips Arena and Chevrolet Cruize car. Hailing from Chhattisgarh, this central Indian enchantment is a spectacle to behold. She is a rather successful and experienced actress with numerous movies in her kitty. Unusually gifted, attractive, and successful, this lady is one to watch out for.

gehana vasisth age


The sizzling Gehana Vasisth (Officially Vandana Tiwari) was born to Mr. Ravindra Tiwari (a class-1 education officer) and a homemaker Mrs. Sita Tiwari on 16.6.1993 in Chirimiri town of Chhattisgarh. Her innocent childhood was shared with her dear younger sister Namrata Tiwari (now happily marries) and brothers Vedanta and Sankalp Tiwari, both of whom are currently a part of MNCs. Upto standard 8, Gehana studied in Chandrashekhar School in Bartunga, Chirimiri, C.G. Her remaining schooling took place in Government Girls Higher Secondary School, Badi Bazar, Chirimiri, C.G. Then, Vandana pursued B.E. in Computer Science from All Saints Engineering College, RGPV University, Bhopal, M.P. Nothing concrete is known about the struggles and tough challenges this angel had to endure before the big break. However, it is known that it was a TV personality Shaharyar Khan who had approached Gehana, soon after which she landed with her first major project which was a modeling assignment with the prestigious and world-famous Monte Carlo brand. And thus Gehana had irretraceably shot into the road to accomplishments and path to glory.

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A pretty squarish face with cute lifted cheeks, angular chin that adds definition to the queenly face, diamond-shaped nose, full lush and plush lips, moon-like forehead, dark black and expressive eyes and dark brown wavy hair sometimes falling as low as her waist, is what are the most striking features of Gehana's captivating face. Moving on to her body structure which is hypnotic beyond words. Towering 5'7" and weighing a light 51.6 kg, Gehana sports an enviable hour-glass figure reading 34B-26-36. This 27-year-old gorgeous model is a Gemini. She does not have any tattoo on her body as she does not like to tamper with her natural god-given beauty. Gehana is a photogenic attraction which can capture your gaze and have you drop your jaws. Watching this rare and unusual charmer is a rare delight and a pleasure beyond description.

gehana vasisth biography

The picture-perfect damsel, holds you with her gaze
With a boggled mind, you look fully fazed
Incomparable beauty and magnetism she shows
Is she a fairy or angel? God alone knows


Gehana's career kick-started as an actress for local television commercials for Monte Carlo, Pepsi, Lux shampoo etc. Her talent, loveliness and skills bagged her several advertisement opportunities and till date, she has been a  part of 74 commercials and still counting. She has been a supermodel for Philips Arena, Chevrolet Cruize car, Dreamstone jewelry, Palak sarees and many more renowned names. Her success slowly started bilding up. She became a part of several memorable television serials like Bahaanein, True like, Udan, Kasam se, Pyaar ki kasauti, Siddhivinayak and Ishqbaaz. By this time, this 27-year-old damsel was already a small star. Then, she got her mega-break as a powerful role in the movie Filmy Duniya. This was a fine piece of art appreciated by fans and critics alike. This was just the beginning.

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Soon, Gehana would get a flurry of movies. In total she has performed in more than 27 south Indian movies out of which she was the lead actress in 16 movies. As an actress, she has carried out prominent roles in many web series. Her movies include 'Ullu' (played the role Meetu), 'Nerd' in Zee5, 'Mirror- The bitter truth' in Amazon, 'Mirror' on Don cinema, 'Call centre' in Ullu, Promise, Made for each other, 1+1, L Lag gaye, Love Duo, Zindagi Jhand hai, Online Ishq and Tharki Chhotu in Hotshots. What's more? She has reviewed 200+ movies with KRK (Kamal Rashid Khan) and does official reviews on Big Boss.

She has also featured in several lovely and enchanting musical videos. She has over 32 music videos with Zee music, T-series, Venus, HSR and B4U. She has also tried out her luck as a producer and was involved with a project 'Chu kat gaya'. One of the jewels in her crown of achievements is the prestigious title of 'Miss Asia Bikini' which she won in Hong Kong in 2012. This was such a joyful moment when this starlet made India proud. Another moment of glory in the life of Gehana is playing anchor in ICC World cup 2015 with prominent cricket stalwarts like Yograj Singh and Atul Wassan. Money is never an issue and wealth flows to this diva like river flowing into the sea. 
Her income sources include movies, television series, web series, producing and directing movies. Also, she is often a chief guest invited for inauguration functions and gehana is often found cutting the ribbons inauspicious and happy occasions. Also, Gehana is often invited and is much sought after for stage-performances in any normal day.In near futures she has a number of projects lined up. About to release in Hotshots is 'Madhoshi films' which has been directed and produced by Gehana who is also the main actress in it. 

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Vandana aka. Gehana reveals that she is very much single and shockingly, has never ever dated anyone. She has always had a razor-pointed focus only on her career and by god's grace, she has done pretty well. 
Among actors she is inspired by and is a fan of Shahrukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan. When it comes to actresses, the ones she finds most adorable and amazing are Sridevi and she herself! 

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She loves the colour of intensity 'red' and the color of passion 'orange'. She loves movies like Tees Maar Khan and 'Kuch Kuch hota hai' and has a thing for telugu movies among which she likes 'Gunde Jaari Galantaiyende' by Nitin and 'Attarinki Daaredi' by Power star Pawan Kalyan. Among web series, her heart is won by Mirzapur, Money Heist and Made in heaven. What she loves the most are her hobbies of film-making and shooting songs. 
She is really fond of water and finds great joy and peace in sitting by side of waterfalls all by herself. Gehana shares that she is a very peaceful person and likes to sleep with electric-fan off and in absolute silence.
She is proud of the fact that she is a totally self-made person. Be it schooling, college education or career, she had no big support and paved her own paths. To cater for school fees, she used to give tuitions and for her higher education, she had received education loan. So, every penny of her net worth belongs solely to her and her hard work. She has seen many hardships. During her college days she has slept empty-bellied on several occasions when her father had even denied her money for food. She thinks that she has seen a lot (of low moments) and does not want to see any more (troubles).
One appalling but cool fact about Gehana is that she never wears a single piece of cloth when at home. Ok Now, calm down.
She feels that she is extremely emotional, vulnerable and quick to trust and this is why people easily exploit and break her apart. Sadly, she is very lonely in her life. Loneliness seems to be her eternal companion.
The very lovely Gehana is very health conscious. She is a pure vegetarian who neither drinks nor smokes. 
Her good habits include being highly polite and caring person who takes great care of her unit and crew and always pays them in advance. Also, she is an extremely committed person who never cheats or lies. Her bad habits, on the other hand, include- extreme extroversion, bluntness and straight-forwardness in speech and being extremely emotional. However, a sad reality is that she is unable to express her grief anymore as all her tears have since long dried up. To lead a happy life, her formula is never to expect anything from anyone. Also, one should never fall for anyone because everyone approaches the other with only their own selfish interests in their mind. One should always keep moving since a rolling stone gathers no moss. This helps people in avoiding obstacles. Her biggest dreams include dating Aditya Roy Kapoor and acting and directing in Netflix movies.
According to her, the defining trait for an actor is commitment. An actor should stay down-to-earth and positive. What inspired her to be an actress? Quick comes the reply 'Money, glamour name and fame. She feels like money can be earned in any field, but acting is the field which gets you most glamour, name and fame.

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Actress, model, director, producer, anchor, brand and the list can go on and on. Rarely, does one get so many talents packed so densely in one person and Gehana is one of those rare personalities.Beauty,brains, talent, kindness, compassion, dedication, commitment and yet again the virtues seem to have no end at all. With all the plus points piled up in favour of her pretty self, Gehana is a sureshot star material. There is hardly a doubt that her success campaign shall only grow stronger and longer with time and soon she shall find herself in the same league as some other prominet stars who have shone bright and beautiful for generations together. 

She is gorgeoous yet kind, smart and clever
Success is abundant, yet arrogance gets her never
Goddess of charms, she is only one of her kind
Better be wary, lest she blows off your mind

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