Gauri More Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Images, And More

Gauri More Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Images, And More


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Content is the essence and soul of any social media. However great the glitz, glamour, and glitterati might be, content is the backbone upon which rests the meaningfulness of social media. This time, INFOSAURS brings to you an angelic actress, charismatic content creator, and an inspirational influencer full of charms and grace. Gauri Sandeep More is a bubbly and sweet artist who, at the same time mesmerizes and educates everyone with her informative and entertaining posts. It would be interesting to get to know everything there is to know about this talented artist.



Gauri was born on 25.03.1998 to Mr. Sandeep More and Mrs. Sanjana More in the city of dreams, Mumbai. Her lively comely childhood was shared in Mumbai with her dear brother, Darshan More. She acquired basic schooling at St. Columba Girls High School. Post schooling, she did her Bachelor's in Engineering from Wilson College in Mumbai. Months passed as seconds and years as minutes as little Gauri finished her graduation and emerged as the gorgeous Gauri everyone knows. Now, was the moment for the 24-yeared to shine in all her glory.

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24-year-old Gauri is a picture of colossal charms and boundless beauty. A Marathi beauty irresistibly magnetic, Gauri is a wonder. A bubbly roundish face with cute uplifted cheeks give her a cherubic and angelic aura. Her lightly pointed chin and supple and plump rosy lips are distinct. Dark brown eyes, big and expressive, impart to her a captivating persona. Long and lovely black hair sums up her otherworldly beauty. Her supremely pretty face is accompanied by her fit and fabulous body. Standing 5' 3" tall, she weighs 47 kgs and flaunts an enviable figure of 32-26-36. She sports two awesome tattoos on her body, locations of which remain a top-secret till date. Gorgeous Gauri is an Arian and is probably endowed with several Arian qualities.

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Graceful Gauri is a multi-chromatic personality. Being an excellent actor, she also draws inspiration from great actors. Ranbir Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor impress her the most. Her beloved movies include all the movies by Kareena Kapoor. Being a hardcore Mumbaikar (apparently), it is no surprise that Mumbai is her preferred place of residence. Traveling doesn't fail to excite her and her favorite destinations would be Maldives and Bali. Food is a magic which never fails to enchant and Gauri too is a lover of good food. It is an ironic fact that being such a colorful persona, Gauri (literally meaning 'fair') has 'black' as her favorite color. In her free time (if she has any), she enjoys content creation and watching television.

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She takes great care of her great body and avoids smoking and alcohol at all costs. Her formula for a happy life is simple - 'Spread positivity and live your day as if this is gonna be the last day of your life'. Her ambition and dream is simple yet huge - to make her parents proud and to reach the greatest heights in the field of her work. Her childhood was full of adventures and there was one particular misadventure when she was out trekking with her family. She had fallen down hard and till this day bears the scars. There is a striking useless talent she owns - ability to binge on Netflix for 24 hours straight. What was that turning point which propelled her to be a full-time content creator? It was paying attention to her own ability. There was this photoshoot she once did during Holi and it was an instant hit and went viral. 3 years later, people still appreciate and use pictures from that photoshoot till date.

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Gauri's career has been nothing short of inspirational. After successfully winning her B.E., little did she know that content creation would become both her passion and career alike. This was three years ago. Content creation and acting came naturally to Gauri and she started posts regularly. Also, at this time she was pursuing a job. However, she never left content-creation. She then came to a fork in the road when she was faced with a choice - between job and content creation. She chose her love - content making. She has also featured in two lovely Marathi songs. Her song 'Chalna Go Pori' was a huge success and has amassed 4000 likes and half a million views already. She runs quite influential and well-known social media pages where she enjoys huge popularity. Her handles include YouTube page 'Gauri More', Instagram (gauri.more666), TikTok, and several others. She is all set to amaze everybody in her upcoming project which is a sweet Marathi song.

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A marathi marvel now amazes - whole India alike
INFOSAURS brings for you - an actress super nice
Content creation is her passion - enchanting, her art
Meet Gauri More - Actress with a beautiful heart
With flawless beauty and grace - Gauri is blessed
To excellence and awe alone - her works are addressed
Celestially charming songs - Gauri elegantly graces
The sweetness of which - everybody embraces
Growing, learning and evolving - the actress keeps moving
Continuing to endear masses - she's always improving
With these compliments few, INFOSAURS signs off
Hoping that Gauri blossoms and always rocks
With a strong belief in her magic - we sign off
Believing that endlessly - she'll continue to rock

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