Garima Chaurasia (Gima Ashi) Wiki, Age, Family, Biography & More

Garima Chaurasia (Gima Ashi) Wiki, Age, Family, Biography & More

A glimpse of Garima Chaurasia- Introduction

gima ashi

We have always heard that Hard work speaks more than words and that’s true, we have thousands of examples and today we are talking about a personality who is no less than the example for this phrase. Yes, we are talking about Gima Ashi a fashion queen and Instagram star. We all know that GimaAshi becomes famous for her Dance on the rap song “bohot hard” which went viral on TikTok. But the rule is “a reaction needs an action”, so she performed her act and got the reaction that changed her life.

garima chaurasia

Perfect colour combination make her looks gorgeous

Nourishment ( Birth, Growth, and study)

Garima Chaurasia has one more good name GimaAshi. Garima is the daughter of Delhi and she was born in a holy place known as Haridwar, Uttarakhand on August 28 in the year 1997 and now living in the city of Dreams Mumbai. She has completed her schooling at Swami HariharanandPublic school and then went to the College of Engineering Roorkee. Anil Chaurasia is the name of her proud father and her mother's name is not known yet. Her dream is to be a  very famous Bollywood Actress for which she is working very hard and is open to every opportunity that comes her way and we know hard work always pays. She is a very popular Instagram influencer and she was a crowned muser on Tik-Tok. Garima loves spending time with her family which shows how caring she is, in a world where people don’t have time for their family, Garima is someone who spares her time just to make her family happy. GimaAshi has a very big heart, she loves animals it reveals her polite behavior. She has a pet dog whom she loves very much.


What does the beautiful flower look like?

Garima is a very attractive and glamorous personality. She has a beautiful fair complexion. Her eyes are black which suits her wonderfully. She is 5 feet and 4 inches tall with 56 k.g of weight and 34-26-32 inches of Body measurement, she is a complete package in herself. She is so fit and looks classy and to be fit she includes Yoga and gymming in her daily activities. Many young girls want to look like her. She is absolutely a fashion queen and her way of styling dresses is super cool. She is also blessed with a beautiful smile and a cute dimple which makes her look so cute that people can’t take off their eyes from her face. She looks not less than any princess. Here are two lines for her looks ;

“Her eyes shine like a star,

One can look at her for hours,

Her skin talks and hairs screams,

Yes! she is a queen and she is a dream.”

garima chaurasia sexy

No one can beat her in poses

Her Journey in this Glamorous world (career)

GimaAshi has 15 million+ followers on Instagram ( as of 2021), yes it is a huge number that makes her so popular. She often makes videos with her best friend Rugges and they also have a Youtube channel together, named RUGIMA, and has 594k+ subscribers, people wait for their videos impatiently.

  • Mashallah” a Punjabi music video is the debut song of GimaAshi (release date-5 June 2019) which has over 20 million+ views.

gima ashi age

Looking so confident

She has worked in various other music videos like:

  • Tattoo song26 million+ views (release date -23 August 2019)
  • Ranjheya – over 7.1 millions+ views ( release date- 6 October 2019)
  • BankePotala- over 3.1 million+ views ( release date-9 march 2020)
  • Inna Pyar– over 12 million+ views ( release date -27 June 2020)
  • Bhalobhasi – over 6 million+ views (release date -14 Feb. 2021)

Garima Chaurasia also promotes her various endeavors on her Instagram including her music videos. She is also working in various commercial ads and promotional events as she is very famous and people follow her. She is also a fashion blogger, of course, because she has a great sense of fashion. GimaAshi has more than 5 M+ followers in MX- TakaTak which shows people are so crazy for her.

gima ashi with Rugees Vini

Best friends forever

Let’s know about GimaAshi deeply

A 25 years old girl GimaAshi is on the way to success and she is very prominent among youth at such a young age. Garima Chaurasia loves Travelling and Dancing. She is also fond of photography, we can guess how much she loves Photography by looking at her adorable and stylish pictures on her Instagram feed.

gima ashi instagram

Her way of styling dresses is brilliant

GimaAshi follows the Hindu religion and Her Zodiac sign is Virgo. Her favorite song is Machayenge while her favorite singers are EmiwayBantai, Badshah, and Jassie Gill Talking about her actor and actress choices, she admires Akshay Kumar. Priyanka Chopra and Disha Patni both are her favorite actress. Her favorite color is red and she loves eating sushi and pasta. Her travel destinations are Singapore and Malaysia. Garima earns a decent amount by promoting various products, and she promotes products like GlamEgo, Healthvit product, and Panchamrit, and also by her music videos and promotional events. She often smokes with her close friends and she takes drinks as well. Garima Chaurasia stays away from controversies that surely make her a different personality.

gima ashi age hot

Black dress suits to her personality.

Time to conclude;

GimaAshi is a  very well-known and popular social media Influencer. A beautiful personality is a fitness queen. She is a rising star and is on her way to success. she proves that hard work and talent never get wasted. Time to express herself in a few lines;

“ Simple and bold, she is truly Gold

A beautiful heart never gets old

Evergreen smile, skip our beat for a while,

She is a Queen, everyone follows her style”

gima ashi sexy

gima ashi bikini

gima ashi height in feet

gima ashi in bikini

Looking so bold and beautiful  in yellow

gima ashi hot

gima ashi sexy pic

Desi girl

gima ashi hot pics

gima ashi hot pic

gima ashi hot photos

garima chaurasia without makeup

Looking Adorable in Western.

garima chaurasia instagram

garima chaurasia hot

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