GULABI-GLOW and Must-Own MAKEUP TOOLS under Rs 1000! By Somya Gupta (TheSassThing)

GULABI-GLOW and Must-Own MAKEUP TOOLS under Rs 1000! By Somya Gupta (TheSassThing)

"BEAUTY LIES IN THE ROSY FACE" - defines Gulabi Somya, with BEAUTY PRODUCTS and Grace.

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Women are the most beautiful of god's creations. No wonder they are worshippers of beauty and seem to be quite beauty-conscious. Why shouldn't they? Why shy away from making this world a little more glittery, more pleasant, and more attractive? And for a woman, most crucial is her lovely face and in the face, an inexpressible role is played by those rosy cheeks. A blushing woman is an infallible recipe for mens' disaster! Such is the pinkish charm of those soft cheeks that there're hardly things that can surpass that attraction. A perfect face with a clear complexion but with a blush amiss is like a cake without its icing! So, to get that divinely attractive rosy glow on cheeks, what do women do? Obviously use a BLUSH. And how to get that?

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And it is here that it is most opportune to introduce the goddess of beauty personified! Somya Gupta is one of the most attractive models and successful social media influencers. Because one good example is worth 100 claims, the prettiest dimpled cheeks of gorgeous Somya are the testimony to the products she uses and recommends. In her pleasant video, when she is seen using the following beauty products, there is an instant magic weaved by the blush, foundation, concealer, and pouches which in no time transforms the already infinitely beautiful Somya into an absolute angel (infinity times anything? still infinity) And watching her grow more and more and more captivating with each second, you can not help but want to go grab those beauty products. And when these branded products are coming off so cheap, why to miss out? When this goddess with 796k+ of Instagram followers so strongly recommends these items, let us check them out.

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1.1.  Colorbar Cheek Illusion Blush (coral bliss):

Coming at just Rs. 675, this wonder is a dermatologically certified silicone-based blush and powder is made to give natural radiance to your skin. This light pocket-friend works in a smooth and velvety way to give you the glow you deserve.

Colorbar Cheek Illusion Blush (coral bliss)

1.2. Miss Claire Round Blusher 17:

For just Rs. 295, this beautifier is an easily blendable blush which spreads real easy. It sails and melds in your skin as one and offers sparkling and safe mineral particles which keep your skin glowing all day long.

Miss Claire Round Blusher 17

1.3. Wet and Wild Mellow Wine:

"It's such a pretty warm-toned pink. It's highly pigmented and glides smoothly", says a delighted customer! This Rs. 319 product which is a powder-based blushed which gives a matte finish of light to medium skin tone.

Wet and Wild Mellow Wine

1.4.  The Face Shop Water Fit Tint Shade: Picnic red:

Who wants a Kohinoor at just Rs. 475? That's what it is! A moisturizing tint which decorates your lips with juicy and vibrant colors. Nourishing pigments take care of your baby lips while they are blooming with beauty, while the gel component dries it to avoid smudge.

The Face Shop Water Fit Tint Shade Picnic red

2. Must-have Makeup Tools From PAC under Rs. 1000 - Gentle spread-products for your baby-skin

2.1. PAC 252 Foundation Brush:

At just Rs. 599, you get a unique brush that hugs the contours of your face to evenly apply your favorite liquid or cream foundations with a flawless finish. "Very dense brush, with soft bristles. Very nice product" - is what a super-satisfied customer has got to say.

Pac 252 Foundation Brush

2.2. PAC Ultimate Beauty Blender with pouch (2 pcs):

Coming at a budget rate of Rs. 745, this is an HD cosmetic sponge applicator. The powder simply sits on the top surface without seeping in allowing you to spread the make-up uniformly in the least amount of time. An exciting feature is a quick-puffing effect when soaked with water, it doubles in volume allowing even quicker spread. Later, when dry, it shrinks back. This can be used for contouring and highlighting.

PAC Ultimate Beauty Blender Sponge (With Pouch) (2 Pcs)

2.3. PAC Concealer Brush 215:

At just Rs. 392, get a skin-friendly concealer to hide away all those unpleasant blackness and dazzle the world with your flawless eyes sparkling.

Pac Concealer Brush 215

2.4. PAC Mini Beauty Blenders (4 pcs):

At just Rs. 347, you get mini blenders, which help you cover even the tiny under-eye areas which conventional big blenders fail to reach.

Pac Mini Beauty Blenders (4 pcs)

2.5. PAC 245 Powder Brush:

This handy tool can be used for contouring and comes for just Rs. 437.

Pac 245 Powder Brush

2.6. PAC Blush Brush 262:

Priced at an attractive Rs. 446, with its rounded, densely packed bristles, this is a  tapered 'Sculpting Face Brush' which helps you to contour and highlight certain areas of your face to give it just the right dimension to stress your beauty more prominently.

Pac Blush Brush 262

When I first saw the beauty product video by the infinite-cutie Somya, I was clean-bowled! Such elegance, such grace, such sweetness of femininity!!  That is when these beauty products, at least for me, bore a mark of highest certification. So, that is all about the unbelievably efficient and cheap beauty products strongly recommended by the heavenly-beauty Somya. With her bubbly face, dancing eyes, and puppy-cute facial expressions, Somya flaunts her flawless magnetism which draws a lot of its strength from her delightfully dimpled cheeks bestowed with a ravishing rosy glow offered by these products. So, what are you waiting for? Go get yours and become infinitely more beautiful.

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Please note that the rates provided in the article are the current rates of the online products and these are subject to fluctuations.

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