Fresh Start Worlds are now available in RuneScape, which has its own benefits and drawbacks.

Fresh Start Worlds are now available in RuneScape, which has its own benefits and drawbacks.

Players may now hop in and start from beginning with a reset economy and all the unique peculiarities that aspect affords in RuneScape, the well-known MMORPG developed by the lovely UK people over at Jagex. Players of Old School RuneScape also won't have to wait long, as Fresh Start Worlds for that game are scheduled to release on October 19.

The justifications for creating a fresh persona once more? The cosmetic prizes for these Fresh Start Worlds are distinctive and include capes, halos, and other fancy accessories. Characters and loot collected on these Fresh Start Worlds, which are temporary, will later be transferred to a core planet with all of their possessions. Excellent news for those who put in the effort, but it is also a source of some anxiety. Later, we'll talk about that.
According to the official support website, gamers must establish a new account and buy a new subscription in order to access these Fresh Start Worlds. New players won't be affected by this because they can utilise the new servers to join the game on an equal footing, but existing RuneScape users will have to pay for a second subscription in addition to their current account.

Once you're there, you can use expedited XP and gameplay bonuses to direct you toward the material you wish to focus on. A brand-new high score table is available alongside Fresh Start Worlds so the most devoted players can garner exclusive distinctions, so you'll want to organise your strategy as well.

But let's pause a moment to consider how these servers will affect RuneScape in the long run. I adore new servers. It recently drew me back into Classic World of Warcraft, and I do think it gives gamers the chance to either re-enter or take their first step into a long-running live service game that they feel they may have missed the boat for. I can't quite figure out some of RuneScape's complexities, though.

First off, it's important to note that the eventual character migration to core worlds may be both a blessing and a disaster for the whole new economy and Grand Exchange. Prices for new servers are often high for no other reason than supply and demand in the market. You can sell your excellent end-game gear for a premium if you're one of the few players on the server who can afford it.

Players that are interested in making money may use the new servers to rush to important areas of the game, farm out expensive equipment, sell it for a lot of money, and then hoard their newfound fortune until they are transferred to the main servers. Or then, they can show up with an inventory jam-packed with priceless products, exploding the supply and wrecking the going rate.

It's also difficult to avoid feeling a twinge of sympathy for these existing players who wish to join but will need to purchase a new subscription. It goes without saying that new content is expensive, and there is nothing wrong with charging for new servers. But for a planet that is destined to merge back into the primary ones, three entire months' worth of real-world money? Personally, I find it bothersome in some way.
It also makes one wonder for whom the new servers are intended. Fresh servers and the new economies they generate, in my opinion and in accordance with the Fresh World FAQ, are a blessing for the green, who want to test out the game before marketplaces and players have established themselves and experience a lively world. The high score tables and transferrable exclusive cosmetics, many of which are probably tradable, all factor into what a player with a stake in the game would want. There seems to be a lot to entice older players to join, which is fantastic for Jagex of course but could be difficult on their wallets and the in-game wallets of a large portion of the community.

So, while it looks like a good idea, there are some intricate details that make it difficult to understand. The community will have to wait and wait to see the full effects it will have on the overall RuneScape experience and economy. In any case, if you haven't already, this is definitely a wonderful time to start playing RuneScape, and if you already have a lot of experience with the MMO, it might be a terrific way to earn some extra income.

What do you think, though? Are these worries a little exaggerated? Or are you actually concerned about the effects of character transfers to Fresh Server? Comment below and let us know!

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