Fran Drescher Hints to a The Nanny Movie Adaptation

Fran Drescher Hints to a The Nanny Movie Adaptation

Fran Drescher speculates that The Nanny may soon appear on television or in a major motion picture.

At the Variety Power of Women event in Los Angeles on Wednesday, Sept. 27, the actress, who played Fran Fine on the cherished 1990s sitcom, recently hinted at a potential The Nanny sequel movie.

At the event on Wednesday, Drescher, 64, said, "There's some talk about maybe a movie... we're in the talking stage right now with our parent company, Sony."

Drescher says the potential new film will instead pick up after we last saw Fran and the Sheffields when the series ended in 1999. The series is already getting a musical, which is anticipated to recreate what fans loved about the original show.

Drescher stated that the film "will probably be more in the present and incorporate new characters" as opposed to the musical, which "won't be a musical and is going to be set in the '90s as was the series."
Drescher asserts that the movie will "dovetail into a whole other character story," even though it is likely to feature some of the fan favourites that viewers adored in the original series.
Fans at least have the upcoming musical to look forward to as they wait for confirmation of a prospective film adaptation.

The Broadway musical, which Mark Bruni will direct and which was co-written by Drescher and her ex-husband Peter Marc Jacobson, who also created the series, is currently in production. The score was co-written by Crazy Ex-Girlfriend actress Rachel Bloom and the late Adam Schlesinger, who passed away in April 2020 from complications related to Covid.

Drescher described the next production as "as contemporary and present as it's ever been" on Wednesday. Therefore, it's crucial that the audience believes they are seeing an accurate depiction of all the characters and interpersonal relationships and that they comprehend how noble Ms. Fine's character was in many ways.
In addition, Drescher spent some time thinking about the positive traits of her endearing character, praising her for being "unabashedly, unapologetic about who she was and it's a great example for us all," in addition to being "an amazing dresser and a sweet, loving, warmhearted, authentic human being."

Hopefully soon, viewers will be able to watch Fran Fine come to life on a Broadway stage as well as on a large screen!

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