Finally, Kraven The Hunter Discovers Prey More Deserving Than Spider-Man

Finally, Kraven The Hunter Discovers Prey More Deserving Than Spider-Man

Warning! This article has X-Force #32 SPOILERS. Kraven the Hunter has at last discovered prey deserving of greater honour than Spider-Man in the Marvel Universe in the most recent issue of Marvel Comics' X-Force. Sergei Kravinoff has naturally come to think of the X-Men as Earth's new apex predators as a result of the recent shift in the balance of power in the Marvel Universe, where mutantkind has become a much more dominating species than ever before. The Hunter must therefore pursue prey, and in this new issue, the crafty villain manages to gain entry to the mutant state of Krakoa (targeting one mutant in particular).
Kraven hunts and skins a polar bear in an earlier issue of Marvel's X-Force by Benjamin Percy and Robert Gill when he finds none other than Deadpool's remains within the beast's stomach (the result of Wade Wilson annoying Omega Red during their recent mission). Kraven exploits Wade to gain access to the Krakoa mutant country by mounting Deadpool's head on a spear, with the current Judgment Day storyline providing the ideal cover. As a result, the entrance of one of the deadliest hunters in the Marvel Universe went unnoticed by X-Force since they were too busy dealing with Krakoa's conflict with the Eternals and a conflict with a cosmic Celestial.
In the most recent issue of X-Force #32, Kraven jumps right into his quest and ends up destroying numerous of Krakoa's eggs that were utilised for the X-resurrection Men's procedures. Kraven views mutantkind as a gift, allowing people to genuinely feel alive by removing their safety net, and views their resurrections as a flaw that makes their lives shallow and useless (before he brutally takes their lives). Despite killing a number of mutants, he remains dissatisfied. He eventually interrogates one of them to discover the strongest one, his real mutant competition and prey: Wolverine.
Kraven the Hunter's ideal prey is Wolverine (Not Spider-Man)
Wolverine is the ideal mutant hero to become Kraven's new target because he is an expert hunter and terrible beast in his own right. Kraven has generally been one of Spider-many Man's foes, but given The Hunter's motives, it makes natural that he would just target whoever poses the most hunt and challenge. Wolverine undoubtedly meets the criteria. Notably, the prophecy about his own death and ultimate hunt, which connected him to Spider-Man on a fundamental level, is what caused the original Kraven to become so fixated on Spider-Man. The present Kraven is not as closely related to Marvel's iconic Webslinger as his predecessor was since he is now a clone of the original.

Kraven and Wolverine are about to get into a terrible fight, especially after Kraven uses Beast as bait and utilises the Shadow Room to set up the ideal hunting ground in the ancient Savage Land. In any case, it will be fascinating to see if Kraven the Hunter fully transforms into one of Wolverine's antagonists, leaving Spider-Man in the Marvel Universe behind with this forthcoming hunt being the first of many to come. X-Force #32 is currently available.

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