Fans of superheroes concur on the ideal comic book film to watch on Halloween.

Fans of superheroes concur on the ideal comic book film to watch on Halloween.

It's Halloween, but it's also a Monday, so the next best thing to remember the spookiest night of the year is to stick on a very appropriate movie. If you can't attend a costume party to mark the occasion, that is. Which film, though? There are certainly many options for horror lovers, and there are also many options for family audiences. But what about people who believe in superheroes? What comic book movie would be ideal to watch on Halloween?
The Crow, Ghost Rider, and the Blade trilogy come to mind as examples of superhero movies with a supernatural element. And earlier this month, Marvel Studios released Special Presentation Werewolf by Night, a fantastic new addition. However, everyone seems to agree that another 2022 release is the greatest option for Halloween viewing. Specifically, Matt Ramos' The Batman, a concept he first proposed on Twitter and which quickly gained popularity.
For those who might have forgotten, the first act of The Batman takes place on All Hallow's Eve, with the Riddler killing his first victim. This is unmistakably a reference to The Long Halloween, the landmark comic that served as one of the story's numerous sources of inspiration for writer-director Matt Reeves' relaunch of The Dark Knight's film adventures, starring Robert Pattinson.

There's a good chance DC fans will start re-opening the debate over whether The Batman is a Halloween movie every October coming forward, and with The Batman's popularity growing all the time, we might be about to witness a new "Die Hard is a Christmas movie"-style tradition here. That's fine, as long as it's understood that Batman Returns is a holiday favourite for the whole family.

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