Explaining Isildur and Elendils Relationship in The Rings of Power

Explaining Isildur and Elendils Relationship in The Rings of Power

In The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, actor Maxim Baldry discussed the relationship between his Isildur character and Elendil, the young man's father. Isildur stands out among the ensemble characters of the series because of his ties to the first Lord of the Rings. While he will eventually serve as the impetus for Frodo Baggins' adventure across Middle-earth, The Rings of Power introduces viewers to a younger Isildur who is eager to travel beyond his native island of Nmenor.
Despite his desire for freedom, Isildur frequently disagrees with his father, Elendil, who wants to see him join Nmenor's navy as a sailor. Isildur's larger expedition aspirations quickly divert him, leading to his dismissal from the Sea Guard. Isildur soon joins his father in facing an army of orcs in the Southlands, together with Galadriel and Nmenórean troops. His participation in the conflict despite wanting to leave Nmenor behind demonstrates the internal struggle he has between wanting to fulfil Elendil's wishes and establishing his own independence.
Isildur and Elendil's relationship is based on Isildur striving to please his father, according to Rings of Power actor Maxim Baldry in an interview with Deadline's Inside the Ring from Prime Video. Baldry describes the internal struggle Isildur experiences and how he longs to strike a balance between Elendil's demands and his own desires. See what Baldry had to say after the break:

"I believe that rather than challenging [Elendil], he is attempting to follow expectations at the start of the season. Like, his father is sort of paving his career decision, and he is a sailor, a sea cadet, and he's trying to realise his father's dream, but there's just this kind of dissonance to him. Such unease-induced restlessness. He is seen in one moment on this boat simply gazing outside. He is simply gazing out toward the horizon and the ocean. There's something else out there, he says. It might be off this island. I believe he honours his father in that way. I'm trying to accomplish this, but let me discover myself, he is saying. Let me develop. "
What Rings of Power's Free Spirit Means For Isildur
In The Rings of Power, Bladry's knowledge of Isildur lends him a melancholy perspective. The Third Age of Middle-earth will see the return of the Dark Lord of Mordor if Isildur rejects the destruction of Sauron's One Ring. But in The Rings of Power, his goals are considerably more straightforward; he only wants to develop as a person and make Elendil proud of him. His biggest worries pale in comparison to the fights he will inevitably engage down below Mount Doom. The significance of Isildur's admiration for his father will inevitably make the devastating nature of his treachery.

The friendship between Isildur and Elendil is already proving to be a crucial aspect of The Rings of Power that will undoubtedly develop and alter during the course of the series. It's likely that viewers will gain a deeper understanding of how they interact, possibly offering more specific responses regarding Isildur's mother and how her passing might have affected them. Isildur's love for freedom is emphasised by Baldry, and his father gives a hint that as The Rings of Power progresses, Isildur will have to strike a delicate balance between his two objectives.

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