Everyone Carrie Bradshaw was essentially stalked in Sex and the City, and there are more people than you think

Everyone Carrie Bradshaw was essentially stalked in Sex and the City, and there are more people than you think

The first really female anti-hero was Carrie Bradshaw. The well-known sex columnist was eccentric, entertaining, and a little bit egotistical. The main failing of the Sex and the City character was her almost incomprehensible failure to respect the boundaries of people around her. Anyone who decided they didn't want to interact with Carrie was delightfully steamrolled. Carrie genuinely pursued multiple people throughout the course of the six-season run of Sex and the City. We've found four instances where Carrie's actions could be seen as severe harassment or even as slightly insane.
Carrie Bradshaw's biggest problem may have been her intense infatuation with men who weren't healthy for her. Despite Mr. Big directly telling her not to, Carrie tracked down Mr. Big and his mother at church. When she initially met Mr. Big, whom she later married, he wasn't exactly relationship material. He suppressed his emotions, feared commitment, and worked assiduously to maintain Carrie in particular spheres of his life. All of those things were unquestionably warning signs, but Carrie still had to abide by the rules.
In the first season, Mr. Big was with his mother when Carrie Bradshaw encountered him. Carrie was shocked when Mr. Big declined to refer to her as his girlfriend. That makes sense, but Mr. Big was very clear that he wasn't going to introduce her to his mom just yet. The following weekend, despite making his feelings known, Carrie followed Mr. Big and Mrs. Preston to church. There were many awkward moments during Sex and the City's storied run, but the scene where Samantha tosses a prayer book from the balcony is remains one of the more unsettling parts.
Carrie didn't just override Mr. Big's restrictions on his family. When she discovered he had previously been married, she also made headlines by tracking down his first ex-wife. She claimed to have a book pitch in order to talk to Barbara, a publishing executive. The entire plot was laughable, and we're still perplexed as to why Mr. Big acted so casually after learning that Carrie had located his long-lost ex.
Carrie's lack of consideration for other people's boundaries and privacy did not only apply to her romantic interactions. Frequently, the women in the lives of the men she had once loved were included in her desperate drive to understand everything she could about others. Carrie's largest invasion of privacy occurred in season three when she spent a full episode following Mr. Big's ex-wife Natasha Naginsky around Manhattan so she could apologise.
It makes reasonable that Carrie would want to apologise to the woman whose marriage she contributed to disintegrating. We can understand why she would want to tie up the final remaining loose ends of the scandalous affair because it was one of them. But that should have been the end when Natasha made it crystal clear that she didn't want to hear from Carrie. Carrie refused to give in. Natasha was at her desk when Carrie called. She ambushed Natasha on a lunch date to get her apology in when that didn't work. The well-known sex columnist had to respect Natasha's request to not hear from her again. The episode's stalker element made me feel uneasy on more than one occasion.
After their divorce, the adored 'Sex and the City' character started calling Aidan Shaw and hanging up.
Not only Natasha was a victim of Carrie and Mr. Big's affair. When the adultery occurred, Mr. Big wasn't the only one in a relationship. Aidan Shaw, the charming and amicable furniture designer, was cheated on by Carrie. Carrie wouldn't accept a no when she realised she wanted to be with him once more.
Although we appreciate a woman's right to fire her shot, the manner in which she contacted Aidan was a little too spooky for us. After seeing him at Steve Brady's bar's grand opening, Carrie Bradshaw started contacting Aidan and terminating the conversation. Although they eventually reconciled, we are left wondering what process Carrie must have gone through to decide that calling and then hanging up on her ex-boyfriend was a good way to win him back. Aidan's heart was ultimately broken by Carrie a second time. Maybe she shouldn't have even called him.

But maybe Carrie may get a chance to make amends to Aidan after all. According to Deadline, the character will return for And Just Like That..., the HBO Max revival of the venerable series. Sarah Jessica Parker acknowledged his participation.

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