Energy is needed for the electrified generating.

Energy is needed for the electrified generating.

Being defeated by schoolchildren at a game you enjoy at the age of thirty is somehow humiliating.
Even if Clement Manyathela thinks I'm youthful, I still feel a touch jaded. However, attending Comic Con isn't really about feeling old. It involves embracing your inner child and the things that inspire your creativity and curiosity.

I detest how I'm feeling. I detest growing old.
Although it will happen regardless of my age, it is a reality of life, and I can choose to accept one side or the other.

Before being swallowed up by the cycle of life, unless you're Sin, of course. Even Escanor, the Pride's Lion's Sin, had to deal with death to some extent.
That's why, in my opinion, it seemed so awkward to lose against schoolchildren who still had their parents seated next to them and who both claimed to have not played in over a year.

Uh, huh. You still made it your goal to defeat me despite the fact that I played Call of Duty: Mobile this morning.
I'm now more motivated to play. I lack the dexterity in my hands, the reflexes, and the utter raw ease of using a mobile phone.

I noticed fire.
Yes, I was away.

My experience with the electrical problems that cause rolling blackouts, or load shedding, in South Africa, will state that it was undoubtedly made worse by that and my lack of patience, even though my age will say it was the connectivity.

My inner kid, though, was hurt. I may have won one out of five games, but I certainly wasn't at that level.

Oh welcome, new Comic Con generation. May you have the strength to continue the energising games.

The duty call cries out.
Anyhow, I noticed that the other contestant was donning finger coverings.

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