End of Halloween Star Jamie Lee Curtis on Bidding Laurie Strode Farewell

End of Halloween Star Jamie Lee Curtis on Bidding Laurie Strode Farewell

Jamie Lee Curtis is prepared to bid Michael Myers farewell after playing Laurie Strode in the Halloween film series for more than 40 years. When Halloween Ends debuts on October 14, audiences will soon have the opportunity to see the final confrontation between the two. Given that Curtis has been playing Laurie for 45 years, the much awaited conclusion has been a long time coming. The actress discussed her role in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, stating: "I must now release her and let her to continue existing in the thoughts and hearts of her supporters. I'm now free to pursue my own interests."

The horror icon also talked about what it was like to film Halloween in 1978, the movie that made her famous as a scream queen. Following the success of the movie, Curtis starred in a number of horror cult classics throughout the early 1980s, including The Fog, Prom Night, Terror Train, and Halloween II. She made her film debut in John Landis' 1983 comedy Trading Places, which paved the way for a fruitful career in a variety of genres. Despite being the daughter of Psycho's Janet Leigh and The Defiant Ones' Tony Curtis, Curtis admitted to Entertainment Weekly that she never really had any "aspirations" of being an actor. She was then cast as Laurie Strode, and the rest is history, of course. The actress gushed during the interview about her time on the Halloween set:

"I still recall how much I cherished being a member of that team of budding filmmakers. Previously, I worked in television, where the entire union crew was older, and on Halloween, John Carpenter, who was 30 years old, was the oldest employee. So I was there with a group of young men while they played Steely Dan's "Hey Nineteen"; I was 19 at the time. It was simply stunning."
John Carpenter wrote the score and directed the movie Halloween. In 2018, the eminent director made a comeback to the series, serving as executive producer and composer of Halloween Ends. Curtis remembered her experience working with Carpenter on the 1978 movie as follows:

"John is such a fascinating person. He speaks to women frequently and is sort of a gentleman. He was silent and intensely focused on what he required, in my experience. There wasn't a lot of waiting around or talking; the movie was made quite swiftly. There was a great deal of work."
A Fish Called Wanda, Freaky Friday, True Lies, Knives Out, and Everything Everywhere All at Once are just a few of Curtis' well-known filmography credits. Curtis played Dean Cathy Munsch in the television series Scream Queens beginning in 2015. The television show was cancelled after two seasons despite widespread media appreciation. The following films starring Curtis include Disney's Haunted Mansion as Madame Leota and Eli Roth's Borderlands. While Curtis seemed eager to bid Strode farewell, she has previously stated that it would be foolish to say never if she appeared in any more Halloween movies.
On October 14, Halloween Ends will have its theatrical and television debuts.

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