Emma Thompsons Menopause Joke Aids in Normalizing It

Emma Thompsons Menopause Joke Aids in Normalizing It

Even during a speech at an awards event, Emma Thompson isn't scared to discuss menopause. In actuality, Thompson is making a joke about menopause that many women may identify with. It's past due. Instead than viewing the menopause as a taboo subject, we need to mainstream it and have conversations about it.
Hot Flashes And Cold Conditions
Many of us in America are just beginning to get used to the cold and icy conditions as fall weather creeps in. Thompson didn't have to adjust to the weather in 2014 when there was a cold snap in the northeast. In fact, she enjoyed the frosty weather.

At the National Board of Review Gala, Thompson won the Best Actress Award in recognition of her work in Saving Mr. Banks. The actress, though, was thinking about more than simply the prize on that chilly night. Thompson, 54, remarked in her award speech, "It's such a cold night and it's the one time I've actively been grateful for menopause. "I've felt completely at ease."

The actress like the cool weather because it helped her manage her hot flashes. Thompson's joke reflected a common sentiment for many women as hot flashes frequently happen throughout the menopause transition.
I never thought menopause was taboo.
More and more women are free to speak their truth about the transition as Thompson and other Hollywood women become more honest about the realities of menopause. Unfortunately, it has long been considered taboo to talk about menopause. Fortunately, female celebrities are actively working to change that.

Hollywood seems to be paying attention. In fact, Thompson even acted in the menopause-themed film Late Night. The actress expanded on her views on menopause and how it is discussed—and how it is not—in society while promoting the film.
Menopause has never crossed my mind as forbidden. Of course, unless you mention it, you are unaware. Everyone at once exclaims, "Thank God you're talking about it." You are unaware that it has actually been ignored and not discussed since, of course, it has to do with women, who have historically been ignored and not discussed. It's therefore fascinating to observe how we respond to things that we are aware of as we sort of emerge from this oppression.

Squelching the stigma surrounding menopause has come a long way. Hopefully this trend will continue both on and off screen.

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