Emily Ratajkowski will not stop posting lewd pictures.

Emily Ratajkowski will not stop posting lewd pictures.

According to Emily Ratajkowski, uploading explicit photos of herself online "won't alter anything" and she has no plans to cease doing so.
The 'Gone Girl' star, 31, has recently developed a reputation as an outspoken advocate for women's rights. However, because of the flawless images she frequently shares on social media, she has come under fire for allegedly contributing to the issues facing young girls. However, Emily is adamant that changing the way she posts on Instagram won't have much of an impact.

I absolutely understand that sexualizing myself and disseminating photographs that uphold the beauty ideal, she said in an interview with Harper's Bazaar magazine.

I'm not attempting to escape responsibility. But if I hadn't done that, I doubt I would have sold as many books. That is how the world operates. She sighs. We all take part in systems that we disagree with, after all.
"Would anything change if I personally stopped publishing images of myself?" Emily continued.

The "Blurred Lines" singer has previously said that she finds social media "poison," despite the fact that she likes having control over her online persona.

She stated to Sydney Confidential: "Social media is obviously quite harmful.

Being exposed to so many photos and being sold a definition of beauty is difficult. The mother of one continued, "It felt like the only time I could select and dictate how I was being regarded and seen in the world." She added that she like one feature of Instagram. When you work as a model, you cede that to others. Your photos are not within your control.

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