Due to "Slapgate" involving Chris Rock, Will Smith has been fired from "Saturday Night Live."

Due to "Slapgate" involving Chris Rock, Will Smith has been fired from "Saturday Night Live."

It seems like Hollywood star Will Smith is no longer allowed on "Saturday Night Live." After the 2022 Academy Awards, the actor allegedly slapped comedian Chris Rock, leading to a permanent suspension.

As a result of his Oscars slap, aceshowbiz.com claims that the 'NBC' sketch show has permanently banned the actor.

After what he did to Chris Rock in March, the star of "King Richard," according to Radar Online, will never be invited back to "SNL." Starring from 1990 to 1993, the comedian was an integral element of the show.

After what he did to Chris, "SNL" will never invite Smith back, a source said. It's a temple comedy show, and nobody wants the comedian anymore.

"Will can forget about being a part of the show's cast because he won't even be able to buy a seat in the audience. He is not wanted here."

They're afraid that if they invite Smith back, no other major celebrities would want to appear on the show in the future, the producers say.

A reliable source claims that "SNL" would never again be able to book a major celebrity if Will Smith were to be brought back.

Having him in Studio 8H would undoubtedly result in a star-studded boycott of the show.

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"Hostage Video," as Chris Rock dubs Will Smith's online apology

Chris Rock has declined to host the Oscars in 2023, explaining his decision by saying, "The State of Nevada would not sanction a fight between me and Will Smith."

Will Smith's Oscar Slapgate: Chris Rock Makes Fun of It, Calls Him "Suge Smith"

After Chris made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith's buzz cut at the 2022 Academy Awards in March, Will slapped him. After that, he yelled at the comedian twice to "keep my wife's name out of your f**king mouth!" as he was speaking onstage.

A number of times, Will has expressed regret for his actions during the live show.

The actor made these comments in a July video, "Nothing is clear at all. I want to say that I am sorry to you, Chris. What I did was wrong, but I'm here to chat anytime you're ready. Being a letdown is the worst. Knowing I fell short of people's expectations pains me deeply on a psychological and emotional level."

I am deeply sorry, and the effort I'm doing is to be sorry without feeling embarrassed of myself," he continued. I'm trying not to think of myself as a piece of s**t, but I'm human and I messed up.

Rock apparently did not accept the apologies, as he yelled, "F**k your hostage video," during a stand-up performance at London's O2 Arena earlier this month. Later, he continued to criticise the Oscar winner, adding that Will had successfully portrayed a "perfect man" for 30 years before revealing that he is "just as ugly as the rest of us."

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