Drake shares direct message receipts after music critic publishes fakes

Drake shares direct message receipts after music critic publishes fakes

Drake has taken his personal dispute with a well-known music critic public by posting screenshots of their exchanges using the messaging app, Instagram Direct.

In terms of subscriber count, Anthony Fantano of "The Needle Drop" is YouTube's most popular music critic, with over 2.63 million viewers. Months after Fantano called Drake's new album "not good," the famous singer-rapper-actor has decided to return the favour by giving Fantano a low rating.

Thursday night's incident began when YouTube user Fantano claimed that rapper Drake had "slid into [his] DMs." Fantano, who is a vegan, pretended to share mails explaining the singer's vegan cookie recipe instead of releasing the real messages the singer had sent.

The Critic, Anthony Fantano, on Drake and His Music
At the Los Angeles event "Til Death Do Us Part" on October 30, 2021, Drake is heard into the microphone. The musician revealed some recent screenshots of his DMs with music journalist Anthony Fantano.

Later, once Fantano's video went viral, Drake attempted to clarify his comments. He shared some not-so-nice texts he'd sent to Fantano via his Instagram story.
Drake started off his verbal assault by giving the music critic his own rating.
Drake wrote to Fantano, "Your presence is a light 1, and the 1 is cause you are alive."

And since you married a black chick for whatever reason, the singer went on. I have a "mild to decent 1" impression of you.

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If Fantano wanted to pressure Drake into disclosing the genuine communications, he was successful. Fantano appeared to be rejoicing when Drake shared the receipts on his Instagram Story.

"A Twitter user seemed to think it was all part of Fantano's master plan, writing, "so fantano manipulated drake into showing genuine DMs that were more embarrassing than the fake?" beside a picture of a massive "W," which likely stood for "won." If he had followed the instructions, "", the user entered.
Fantano has changed his Twitter handle to "anthony 'light 1' fantano," indicating that he takes Drake's disses in stride. Another thing he's done is tweet out his negative assessment of Drake's new album, Honestly, Nevermind, saying it again: "NOT GOOD."

However, Drake has been given the victory by others on the internet. In response to the singer's review of Fantano, one Twitter user called him "hilarious."
Fantano responded, "My rating system lives rent free in his head."

Many bystanders are laughing at Drake and stating he made a tremendous self-own in this situation. The fact that Drake genuinely Dm'd him and we didn't know what he truly said until drake self reported the truth (which made him seem horrible) is hilarious, as one YouTube commenter on Fantano's "vegan cookie recipe" video put it.

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