Don Malaas Debut Album, Malaa, Is Released

Don Malaas Debut Album, Malaa, Is Released

The debut album Don Malaa by the anonymous French musician Malaa has recently been released. The album showcases a wide range of musical skill, including that of Ghostface Killah, DJ Snake, Tchami, and A-Trak.

Malaa is renowned for his gritty underground house sound, which is evidently present throughout the album's 14 songs. The work of the French anonymous artist does stray from that route and use elements of several other genres.

It's fantastic when an album is released that almost entirely consists of original songs. Nowadays, a large portion of an album is published as singles before being packaged together. With Don Malaa, he decided to just release three songs as singles, thus there are eleven new albums to listen to simultaneously.

Don Malaa is a really strong debut album that may not win any prizes but is nonetheless quite enjoyable to listen to throughout and features some incredible stuff.

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