Dolly Parton enters the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame alongside Eminem and Duran Duran: I suppose Im a rock star now,

Dolly Parton enters the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame alongside Eminem and Duran Duran: I suppose Im a rock star now,

THE LOS ANGELES - Speaking at Saturday's Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 2022 induction ceremony at the Microsoft Theater, country music veteran Dolly Parton summarised an uncommon and varied class of new performers.

After accepting the award and joining Lionel Richie, Duran Duran, Eminem, Judas Priest, Pat Benatar, Carly Simon, and the Eurythmics in the current class, Parton, 76, said with joy, "I guess I'm a rock star now."

Parton, who first requested that the Rock Hall revoke her candidacy on the grounds that she hadn't merited it, embraced her newfound rock persona on Saturday. She even changed into a black leather rocker garb to perform an electric guitar performance she had composed expressly for the occasion.

In front of a crowd that included Bruce Springsteen, The Edge of U2, Sheryl Crow, and Dave Grohl, Parton announced that she will create a song for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. "Will any of you rock stars assist me with that? Because I'll hold you accountable for it."

Parton's entree occurred at the conclusion of a lengthy, 52-hour event that will be heavily edited and broadcast on HBO on November 19.
The time has come for Duran Duran, but since Andy Taylor couldn't make it, Robert Downey Jr. started the celebration by introducing the band in a fanboy manner.

Downey Jr. exclaimed, "I'm a lucky dude to be here today," recalling the mania surrounding the band, particularly the time they performed at his extravagant 50th birthday celebration. The wife of this well-known director tore off her bra and flung it on stage halfway through the performance of "Rio."
Duran Duran demonstrated their strength during a live medley that comprised "Girls on Film," "Hungry Like the Wolf," and "Ordinary World" after being denied admittance to the Rock Hall for 17 years.

However, Andy Taylor, the band's original guitarist, was unable to join them on stage due to his Stage 4 metastatic prostate cancer, making Duran Duran's evening sad.

Taylor wrote an open letter at the podium, where lead singer Simon Le Bon read it. In it, Taylor expressed his regret at missing the ceremony due to a serious health setback.

Taylor wrote in his letter regarding the induction, "Let there be no doubt I was excited about the whole thing, even got a new guitar with the important whammy." "I often questioned whether the day would come. I'm beyond happy to have survived to witness the day."
Dr. Dre, Sheryl Crow, and Lenny Kravitz unveil new Hall of Famers
Sheryl Crow gave a moving introduction before Benatar, 69, and guitarist Neil Giraldo, her husband of 43 years and lifelong bandmate, were both admitted. The classically trained pianist Benatar expressed gratitude for their family, which consists of three grandchildren and two grown daughters.
Benatar remarked, "It has been a fantastic ride. "To my companion and love, could you have anticipated this night 43 years ago in a rehearsal studio?"

Former Commodore Richie, 73, said it was excellent that the hall was extending beyond rock music purists' boundaries after Lenny Kravitz gave him his introduction.

Rock 'n' roll, according to Richie, "is not a colour; it is a mood, a vibe." And if we allow this energy to permeate the space, it will continue to expand.

Richie thanked his family for supporting him during "this magical mystery tour" of a career, especially his daughters Nicole and Sofia, and added that it wouldn't finish anytime soon.

I probably won't be returning home for a time, he remarked. "I love this business," someone said.

Dr. Dre, a longtime partner of Detroit rapper Eminem, introduced him as a member, praising the "underdog" white rapper who "broke the glass ceiling" to become one of hip-best-selling hop's artists ever.

Eminem accepted the award by saying, "I'm probably not supposed to actually be here tonight for a couple reasons." "I am aware that this is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and I am a rapper."

Eminem sang some of his smash song "My Name Is" live before inviting Steven Tyler of Aerosmith to sing the "Dream On" chorus for "Sing for the Moment." The hoodie-clad Eminem invited Ed Sheeran on stage to sing his part in "Stan" as rain began to fall.
Eminem stood at the podium and said, "I realise right now what an honour it is for me to be up here tonight. And what an honour it is to perform the music I like, which in many ways saved my life.

With an all-star group that included Crow, Brandi Carlile, Le Bon, Pat Benatar, Annie Lennox donning a cowboy hat, and Judas Priest lead singer Rob Halford, Parton helped bring the event to a close with her country hit "Jolene."

Parton responded, "Congratulations to everyone up here. "In the city, I feel like a hillbilly."

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