Doja Cat requests assistance from Elon Musk

Doja Cat requests assistance from Elon Musk

The singer of "Woman," who recently changed her screen name to "Christmas," has asked the billionaire who just purchased the platform directly to alter it back to her previous name.

"Why can't I alter my name on here. (sic)," she wrote in her first post.

Then, she added: "What should I do to fix it? F*** you, Elon.

"@elonmusk I don't want to be Christmas forever. I made a mistake; kindly assist. (sic)"

The richest man in the world pledged to assist, but he also said he found the 27-year-old rapper's situation humorous.

He answered: "Trying to fix it!

Thought it was quite funny (laughter emojis with tears),
Only a few days prior, the 51-year-old businessman had issued a warning that users with verified accounts risk losing their checkmarks if they change their names.

"Any name change at all will result in a temporary loss of the confirmed checkmark," he stated.

Additionally, he issued a warning that those who run spoof accounts while impersonating others risk having their accounts "permanently suspended".

As he tweeted: "Any Twitter accounts that engage in impersonation in the future without explicitly stating "parody" will be permanently terminated.

"Prior to rolling out widespread verification, we used to offer a warning before suspension; going forward, there won't be a warning.

This will be made clear as a requirement for joining Twitter Blue.

As a result of "violating the rules" of the social media platform by changing her screen name to that of the Tesla CEO, Kathy Griffin was banned from Twitter earlier this week.

Users who view her page are informed as follows: "account closed

"Accounts that break the Twitter rules are suspended by Twitter."

Kathy pushed followers to #VoteBlue and to check out Twitter rival Mastodon while using her fictitious name.

"After much vigorous discussion with the girls in my life, I've decided that voting blue for their choice is only right," she wrote in one of her tweets after changing her identity. (They're also hot girls, by the way.) Choose blue to protect women by voting ".

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