Dinosaurs Were Exterminated by a Marvel Superpower, Avengers Confirms

Dinosaurs Were Exterminated by a Marvel Superpower, Avengers Confirms

Warning! There are SPOILERS in this post for Avengers #61. One of the primal powers of the Marvel Universe is revealed to have wiped out the dinosaurs in the most recent issue of Avengers. A infant with the power of the Star Brand they named "Brandi" used to be one of Earth's Mightiest Heroes' newest and most potent team members. But every time she utilises her abilities, she ages quickly, and within a few weeks, she's already a teenager. As one of Marvel's most potent beings, Brandi is now learning about the dynamic legacy to which she belongs in this new issue.
In order to prevent the demon lord Mephisto from tracking down and destroying heroes' ancestors with his multiverse Council of Red, the Avengers have been journeying through the time stream. But Mephisto's incarnations have been impeding them at every opportunity, diverting them to different times where they have been encountering the Avengers who had previously had their mantles and powers. This also applies to the original Star Brand, who attained its abilities 65 million years ago.
Now, Brandi refuses to be left behind in the latest issue of Avengers #61 by Jason Aaron and Ivan Fiorelli, despite the danger involved in using her powers. She also meets the T. Rex that evolved into the first Star Brand after acquiring intelligence and outliving all previous dinosaurs on Earth. This new issue confirms the Star Brand's history and the manner in which it arrived on Earth. It turns out that the asteroid that killed out the dinosaurs included the Star Brand.
After learning that the dinosaur extinction left the prehistoric Star Brand alone, Brandi realises the unique advantage she has as the modern version: a group of allies. As Earth's Mightiest Heroes continue their hunt for the original Avengers team, Brandi aids them in fending off Mephisto's armies by choosing to grow and learn with her fellow Avengers. As a result, Brandi ultimately decides to employ all of her abilities to pursue Mephisto, enabling her crew to eventually reach the origin of heroes.

While the price was Brandi ageing rapidly, Star Brand today feels that helping the Avengers rescue reality is her destiny and a chance to leave her mark on the planet, even if she is only there for a short time. As a result, Brandi's brief but substantial contribution to the heritage of the Star Brand is just as epically tragic as the first. Buy Avengers #61 right away.

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