Diane Goes Into Panic Mode Over a Mysterious Arrival — and Victoria Squares Off With Chelsea

Diane Goes Into Panic Mode Over a Mysterious Arrival — and Victoria Squares Off With Chelsea

At Jabot, Jack comes upon Phyllis and Diane. Phyllis is mocking Diane for showing up at work with a basket for her bosses. They all know she’s a taker not a giver. Diane announces the basket is for Phyllis since they’re turning over a new leaf. Phyllis takes it as Jack cuts Diane a look. Diane wants to win back her trust and forgiveness. Phyllis marvels at her appearing with the basket right as Jack was leaving his office. “That’s not subtle at all.” Diane makes a speech about the opportunity they’ve been given. Phyllis reminds her she just about lost her job because of her outburst. She wonders what that was all about — had she come from seeing Victor and was worried about Nikki discovering something in LA? Phyllis then asks why she left the party so early — she slipped out like she didn’t want anyone to notice.

In bed, Noah tells Allie she’s beautiful first thing in the morning. She has to get to work and asks why he didn’t tell her what time it was. He wasn’t in a rush to let her go. They canoodle and talk about his club. Allie thinks it was a meaningful way for him to open his nightclub. He’s happy she was there. “You mean a lot to me.” They kiss and she pulls away. “I have to go.” He wants to get coffee on her break, so he doesn’t have to wait all day to see her again.

Billy enters the office and Lily asks if he’s okay. He explains the situation with Johnny was harder than he expected and asks what he missed. She updates him on the meeting with Audra and relays that Devon’s worried his heart’s not in it — she didn’t think it was her place to tell him about Johnny. Concerned, she wants to know what happened. Billy tells her Johnny was upset and hurt that others knew the truth. Lily understands why they had to tell him, although it did seem to be more about the adults than what he was going through. “I’m sure it was scary for him trying to process all that information out of the blue.” Billy worries he didn’t make the right decision and was too easily convinced by Chelsea, who may be trying to figure out a way to be his mom — she immediately wanted to see him and be there for him when she learned he’d been told. Victoria warned Billy this could happen, and he should have listened to her. Lily thinks Chelsea might think about it and back off. The only thing Billy can think about is the amount of pain his son is in and stop it. Lily recalls being hurt and angry when she found out about Malcolm… but she always felt like Neil was her dad. Billy vows to protect Johnny at all costs.

Nate arrives at Victoria’s office and reports everything is going smoothly, and no one suspects anything. All it took was a complete absence of an opinion on his part. He says the decision for Chancellor to go public is official and they met with her representative, Audra Charles. Victoria feels it’s risky bringing in an outsider, but Nate was impressed. Victoria warns him to keep his eyes open; he’s trusting this woman with not only the company’s future but his and hers. She asks, “Are you sure this is really what you want to do?” Nate wonders if she thinks he’s not up to the job of running Chancellor-Winters.

In the Abbott mansion, Summer and Kyle joke about having slept in and talk about the vow renewal ceremony. They kiss as Allie and Noah appear. They thank him for last night and assure him his club will be a success.

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