Derek Hough, a judge on Dancing with the Stars, believes it would be amazing to have a wheelchair user on the programme.

Derek Hough, a judge on Dancing with the Stars, believes it would be amazing to have a wheelchair user on the programme.

A wheelchair user competing on "Dancing With the Stars" would be "amazing," according to Derek Hough.
In adaptive dance, he said, he enjoys "going into the unknown."
Amy Purdy, his own celebrity partner from season 18, showed him how to be "creative" in both his work and daily life.
According to "Dancing With the Stars" judge Derek Hough, it would be "great" to have a wheelchair user compete on a future season.
The choreographer recently shared a video on Instagram of himself dancing with dancer and wheelchair user Chelsie Hill and shared his thoughts on the experience.

In an interview to promote his new collaboration with Southwest Rapid Rewards credit cards from Chase for its "Teach the Love" campaign, he said: "You can produce beautiful, amazing works of art, amazing sculptures, and amazing dancing with the gear." "There are countless options. Honestly."

Hough noted how much he enjoyed "going into the unknown" of choreographing dances for his season 18 celebrity partner Paralympian snowboarder Amy Purdy, who is a double amputee. Hough was a professional dancer and choreographer on "Dancing With the Stars" before becoming a judge. In an interview with Purdy that Hough conducted in 2018, they discussed how they frequently created choreography together rather than having him "teach" her a dance, which is more frequently the case with professionals and their celebrity dance partners on reality competition programmes.
Although he admitted that he wasn't "acquainted" with adapted dance, he said he was "intrigued" and "interested" about what the programme would be able to achieve with it if a wheelchair user ever competed.
Because there was "no rule book" they could consult on how to be the best partners for each other, dancing with Purdy, according to Hough, taught him how to "innovate" routines more.

What is the most important lesson he has taken away from one of his famous partners? That distinction belongs to Purdy once more.

He claimed that she had taught him to ask "Why is this happening for me?" when faced with challenges in life rather than "Why is this happening to me?"

"It merely shifts your viewpoint at times of difficulties, obstacles, and issues that we referred to as problems. Where is the challenge's gift in this? What present does this issue offer? Where is the present-day gift? "asked he.
The "Teach the Love" promotion from Chase and Southwest began on October 5, World Teachers Day, and continues until November 9. You can enter the month-long contest by nominating a teacher, principal, or guidance counsellor who has had a significant influence on your life for the chance to win what Hough called a "edu-vacation" to one of five US locations. The winners will be three teachers.

"Teachers have been incredible superheroes and have been really really stepping up for our country," he remarked, referring to the previous few years in particular.

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