Deepika Sharma Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Family, Images, And More

Deepika Sharma Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Family, Images, And More

Entering her Heart- Introduction.

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Refreshing picture of Deepika Sharma

Independence is a wing, that everyone wants to wear, and to be Independent, all you need is courage. INFOSAURS is turning the spotlight on such a courageous girl who knows to shift negative energies into the positive side and to count blessing rather than failure, she is none other than the charming Deepika Sharma. She believes  “ Go With Flow” and the flow of her positivity and enthusiasm is taking her in the right direction. So, without further ado let’s know Deepika Sharma thoroughly. 


Every Fort Needs a Foundation ( Study life & Upbringing)

Dazzling and delicate Deepika Sharma was born on 7th May in the holy city Amritsar, Punjab. Mr. Raman Kumar Sharma and Mrs. Anju Sharma are the proud and humble parents of Deepika Sharma. She has grown up sharing her life with a  caring younger brother Karan Sharma. Her Zodiac sign is Taurus. The most important part of everyone’s life is education and Deepika has taken her education from Arun Rashmi Sainik School till metric and then completed her higher secondary schooling at Hindu College. Afterward, Deepika did an Aviation Course from YMCA college, then she did B.Sc. in hotel management from Hotel & Catering Management Institue Chandigarh. You can imagine how intellectual she is. And interesting thing is, it’s not the end she is still studying and pursuing her Post Graduation course from Symbiosis, Pune, and she has completed CHRP- certified course in Human Resource program & Cabin crew IATA course from Blue Ocean Academy, Dubai in the year 2020. Apart from this Deepika has also taken acting classes which is obviously very important for any Actor from Roshan Taneja School of Acting. It shows how hardworking and talented she is. Tough, she has completed her studies from different cities, she has grown up in different cities like Amritsar, Delhi, and Chandigarh. Deepika was very naughty during her childhood, she used to hide in Almirah to miss her school, it's funny, isn’t it?.  We have one more sweet memory of her childhood, Deepika was a chubby girl when she was young and she used to eat a full brick of icecreams for dinner. Thus, we can say she has enjoyed her childhood completely.

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Her smile is a sign of positivity

Scanning the Externals

Deepika Sharma is a very endearing and delightful character. she has a fair complexion of skin and has beautiful Black eyes and shiny colored hair that makes her looks very attractive and cunning. Deepika is 5.3 ft. tall with just 52 K.g of body weight that is the perfect ratio. Her body measurement is 34-28-36 and that is great to make her appearance elegant and stylish. Her looks are Flawless, making her a beauty queen. The beautifully shaped lips with a wide graceful smile sum up her overall impression. No doubt, Deepika is Voguish and smart, she is elegantly stylish. She has a great dressing sense and she carries her dresses properly.  Deepika sometimes puts lenses on her eyes and looks amazing as usual.

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Important Aspect- Career

Deepika Sharma wanted to be Independent since childhood, she had started working at the age of 18. Deepika is now an artist but when she had started her career she was in the Hospitality profession. She has worked with Hyatt as Front Office Associate and she did her work so dedicatedly that she got another opportunity to work with Courtyard by Marriott Chennai, as Executive Guest Relation.  She was very hardworking and honest with her work and got awards like Executive of Month and Executive of the year. She also got a promotion as Asst. Guest Relation manager by completing Manager Development Program. She got what she deserves and it was just s start, afterward, many people whom she met during her hospitality career from the Film Industry advise her to work in the Film industry because of her incredible looks and good behavior. She also got selected in the Yash Raj Tamil movie after giving auditions but unfortunately due to her commitments towards her job she couldn’t proceed with that offer. But no one can hide the shine of a rising star, she came to Mumbai and joined an acting school, she got many compliments from the faculties and at that moment she thought of leaving the Hospitality field and preceding her career as an artist. She started working for it and then got a chance to work in a reality show “SABSE SMART HAI KAUN” in Star Plus in the year 2017, the show was hosted by Ravi Dubey. Also, she has assisted one Punjabi Movie “ MANJE BISTRE” as Assistant Director under Baljit Singh Deo in the year 2017. Her hard work paid her back and she got opportunities to work in Punjabi movies like;

  • Carry On Jatta 2
  • Mar Gaye OyeLakhon
  • Chal Mere Put 2

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She has worked on some more projects which are yet to be released. After that, she took a 1-year break for her studies. Deepika is now waiting to start work soon after the prevailing pandemic gets over. She is an inspiration for many of us who wants to achieve the dream. Not to forget, her parents are her great support for her and standing by her to achieve her goals. “ Dream big to achieve big “ this phrase is very popular,  Deepika has big dreams she wants to work in Hollywood also, and we know with her backbreaking work, she will surely make her dream come true. Her future projects include ;

  • MX Player Web series -Dulan
  • Punjabi Movie – Mukkaddar
  • Punjabi Movie – Kade Haan Kade Naa
  • Punjabi Web series- Breakup Party

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To know more – Informalities

Deepika is 27 years old and her loved ones call her  Gudiya or Deepu. Writing Journals, listening to music, and watching horror movies are hobbies of Deepika Sharma. As we already told she is a courageous girl, she loves watching horror movies and that too alone. Deepika has a good heart and she is always ready to help others. Her biggest dreams are to travel around the world and she wants to walk for big brands like Gucci, Armani, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, etc. She wants to open an old age home in the future, yes! she really has a good heart. Deepika loves learning new things, and this is a sign of a hardworking person, she has started learning the German language, and her bucket list also includes Mandarin and French language.

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Favorites of Deepika ;

Actor ( Bollywood) – Hritik Roshan (a childhood favorite), Amitabh Bacchan, Shahrukh Khan, Ranveer Singh, Rajkumar Rao, and Nawazuddin Siddiqui.

Actor ( Hollywood)- Tom Hanks, Will Smith, Dwayne Johnson, and Chris Hemsworth.

Actress ( Bollywood)- Kajol, Madhuri Dixit, Priyanka Chopra, and Alia Bhatt

Actress ( Hollywood)- Angelina Jolie, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez.

Movies ( Bollywood)- DDLJ, Queen, Trapped, Masan, Thappad

Movies ( Hollywood )- Maleficient, Inception, Parasite, August Rush, Upside Down.

Web series – Lucifer, Stranger Things, Money Heist, Friends, Bridgerton, etc.

Travel Destinations – Laddak, Bora Bora, Paris, Newyork.

Color – Black, Blue, Baby Pink

An amazing fact is Deepika Sharma is a Spiritual person and she is a total foodie, she loves eating food off her mother’s hand and she has a sweet tooth ( loves eating sugary things ). Deepika is living in Mumbai now but she wants to settle down either in Australia or in any city of Europe or the U.S.A. She is not an early riser which she believes is her bad habit and because of her benevolence ( very kind) nature some times she ends up hurting herself. Deepika neither smokes nor drinks. The most talented girl believes she has some useless talents such as she can spend time alone for hours, she can waste her time watching Netflix for hours and she can dance any time of the day. Her Instagram handles – officialdaringdeepika which has more than 10k+ followers.

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Sum up with the conclusion

 We have some words to dedicate Deepika Sharma ;

The fragrance of flowers and the beauty of the moon.

Deepness of sea and the shine of a Noon

Delightful heart as a song’s beautiful tune.

The happiness of plants, as it is monsoon

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