Deadpool Is Marvels Horrific Version Of Carnage.

Deadpool Is Marvels Horrific Version Of Carnage.

Spoilers for Marvel Comics' Deadpool #1 Deadpool recently contracted a nasty symbiote that is mutating the antihero into one of his deadliest forms ever because of a Marvel villain wanting to play god. In an effort to harness Deadpool's extraordinary healing factor and abilities, the Harrower implants the Carnage symbiote within the Merc with a Mouth in Deadpool #1 by Marvel Comics. Deadpool thus receives a terrible makeover and turns into a reluctant research experiment.
The deadly Carnage symbiote is a variant of Venom's, which first joined forces with serial killer Cletus Kasady. However, a fragment of the symbiote ended up in the wrong hands during the King in Black invasion of Earth and the events of Absolute Carnage, as the antagonist, the Harrower, was just revealed to have discovered a bit of the extraterrestrial monster herself. However, Harrower needs Deadpool's assistance to become revered by her own symbiote creation in Deadpool #1 as she attempts to create a clone of Carnage using her biofusion abilities.

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Wade Wilson is captured by the Harrower in Marvel Comics' Deadpool #1 by Alyssa Wong, Martin Coccolo, Neeraj Menon, and VC's Joe Sabino. The Harrower reveals she plans to use a piece of the Carnage symbiote she discovered during the symbiote outbreak to create her own clone of the deadly villain who worships her as a god. Wade Wilson's healing ability and other abilities make him the ideal host for Harrower to construct her own version of Carnage after her attempts to biofuse the symbiote with other living beings have failed. Deadpool becomes infected by the symbiote, which changes him into a hideous new form.

The New Carnage Form of Deadpool Is Extremely Dangerous
After becoming infected with the symbiote, Wade Wilson has to deal with the deadly creature trying to erupt from his chest, which is like a scene out of Alien. Ultimately, Deadpool starts to become Marvel's new Carnage. Deadpool develops symbiote arms that protrude from his back as the symbiote punches through his flesh. Deadpool appears frightened as he struggles to control his most recent change.

It should result in a horrific new version of the villain emerging as a result of being joined with the Merc with a Mouth, whether Deadpool becomes Marvel's new Carnage or the symbiote uses Deadpool to create an entirely new form. His abilities and capacity for healing could result in the most unstoppable Carnage to date. As Deadpool continues to change in the pages of Marvel Comics, it will be interesting to see how much control, if any, he has over his possibly new shape. Marvel Comics' Deadpool #1 is currently available in bookstores.

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