DC Studios will be run by Peter Safran and James Gunn.

DC Studios will be run by Peter Safran and James Gunn.

As co-chairmen and co-CEOs of DC Studios, which will take the place of DC Films as of November 1, the director of the Suicide Squad and the producer of Peacemaker have taken senior executive positions at Warner Bros.
Gunn and Safran expressed their gratitude to The Hollywood Reporter in a statement by saying, "We're pleased to be the custodians of these DC characters we've adored since we were kids." "We look forward to working with the world's most brilliant authors, directors, and performers to create a cohesive, complex universe that still allows for the individual expression of the artists involved. Only the wonder of human possibility that these characters stand for rivals our passion to Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Harley Quinn, and the rest of the DC cast. As we tell some of the biggest, most beautiful, and grandest stories ever told, we're thrilled to revitalise the theatrical experience all around the world.
The two will take over for Walter Hamada, the head of DC Films, who left the company last week. Safran will handle the commercial and production aspects of the position, while Gunn will concentrate on the creative aspect. Both are anticipated to carry on producing and directing their own works.

Although Gunn created The Suicide Squad for DC, he also has a close connection to the competing Marvel Studios. The four-year contract, according to sources, will see Gunn working exclusively for DC throughout that time; however, the release of his MCU films, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, is still pending.

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