Critique on the Film: Saroj Ka Rishta

Critique on the Film: Saroj Ka Rishta

A attractive, well-mannered, high-quality girl who is also good at taking care of her home and her family, while also being thin and fair in complexion is ideal. All of these factors are the first ones noticed when a lady starts dating. Despite the fact that messages like "every girl is unique, individual is" have been widely disseminated, girls continue to be targets of body shaming, and when it comes to the connection between a large girl and her parents, each set of parents has a distinct set of expectations. Abhishek Saxena's film Saroj Ka Rishta is based on this idea.
Summary of the Plot of "Saroj Ka Rishta"
Saroj (Sana Kapoor) is the film's protagonist; she's a plus-size woman who carries herself with the same self-assurance as any size. Mada (Kumud Mishra), the father, views his daughter as the apple of his shopping-mode eye. Saroj takes long walks all around the neighbourhood, not just in the confines of her own home. She takes a stand for her cousins in the home and has the courage to knock up the neighbourhood thug who is soliciting money illegally. Saroj is her favourite and she doesn't want to change a thing about her weight, but things take a turn when she unexpectedly runs into her childhood sweetheart Vikram (Randeep Rai) on a marriage website.

A new purpose has been given to Saroj's life. She makes plans to alter her appearance so that she can attract Vikram and eventually marry him. Saroj is blind to the love shown to her by Shantanu (Gaurav Pandey), a gym trainer. Saroj and her buddy post a profile with a photo of Saroj looking skinny and trim in an attempt to entice Vikram, but their plans go awry when Vikram unexpectedly visits Ghaziabad from Canada. After this, what plans does Saroj have? Do you plan to keep your falsehoods secret or come clean? This is something that can only be understood by seeing the film.

An Evaluation of "Saroj Ka Rishta"
It's undeniable that director Abhishek Saxena's intentions were honourable when he set out to make this picture. Despite several issues that may have been avoided with stronger story and character development, the film ultimately succeeds in its goal of delivering a message while also providing enjoyable viewing in many places. Although the film's first half is exciting and engaging, the second half slows down and becomes less interesting. It's a satire on both the people who desire a slender girl for marriage and the girls who are determined to change for the marriage they want. However, the film's length may have been improved.

Just one song from the film, "Hajiri Laye Dil" by Sonu Nigam, stands out in the minds of the audience. Sana Kapoor has brought her character to life through her performance. While the role he plays should have been more fully realised, his natural acting gives the film a boost. Kumud Mishra's portrayal of a liberal and doting father to his kid is spot-on. While Gaurav Pandey has excelled in his role, Randeep Rai has been underutilised. Having a friend and a friend around can be fun.

A stunning performance as Chachi is given by Neelu Kohli. Binod, a famous member of the Panchayat, is a very sociable friend. The film's standout feature is the voice acting of renowned actress Supriya Pathak, who also plays the mother of her own daughter Sana. He is just present in the form of a painting on the wall and a scene.

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