Conceiving, according to Lindsay Arnold, was very tough.

Conceiving, according to Lindsay Arnold, was very tough.

The professional dancer, 28, who is most known for her work on "Dancing with the Stars," recently announced that she and her husband Sam Cusick are expecting a second child. However, Lindsay has now admitted that she was "naive" about the issue.

"Trying to conceive can be, like, the most stressful, frustrating, hard, [all] consuming thing," she told Us Weekly. Simply put, it completely takes over your life. And anyone who has tried to get pregnant for a long time will understand that it's really, really difficult.

Nevertheless, Lindsay finally understood that she had to "trust the process".
"Toward the end, I really had to just kind of let go and understand, like, trust the process," she remarked. rely on timing. Belief in God's timetable I have faith in my body to perform its duties at the appropriate moment. Those last several months, when we were just like, "Oh, my goodness," I feel like that mindset really, really helped me get through. However, I'm so appreciative that everything turned out as it was meant to.

Sage, who is 23 months old, is Lindsay and Sam's first child, and Lindsay acknowledges that their difficulties have made them closer than ever.

"We're really grateful," she said. It was, in a way, extremely reaffirming for us and our family, and it helped me learn how to trust more. That's a tremendously important lesson I've had to learn, in my opinion.

The dancer recently disclosed that, for the time being, she is determined to keep the gender of her unborn child a secret.

"I was clearly mistaken, but I was 100 percent certain that I was having a boy during my first pregnancy," Lindsay said. I simply feel like I can't even trust my intuition at this point. I'll soon find out.

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