Comments Kevin Costner Made About Yellowstone Spit on Instagram

Comments Kevin Costner Made About Yellowstone Spit on Instagram

Fans of Yellowstone are on the same page as Kevin Costner.
The actor is interacting with fans on social media about the success of the Paramount Network drama as the show's fifth season approaches in less than two months. The Field of Dreams actor credited Taylor Sheridan for his "clever" screenplay in an Entertainment Tonight interview that was made public again on September 9. Kevin discusses his character, John, as well as the compelling interaction between Beth (Kelly Reilly) and Rip (Cole Hauser), which keeps storylines intriguing, in the brief Instagram video.

"I believe that many individuals wish to express what Beth is able to. Many people desire the opportunity to accomplish what Rip does, he told the news source. And when it feels like a lot is at stake, many people wish they could express some of what [John] says. Taylor has penned some clever dialogue.
Fans flocked to the Instagram comments section in droves to express their opinions when he queried them about if they shared his sentiments regarding Yellowstone.

One commenter said, "Agree 110%, folks need to state it how it is. "Strong women who speak what they mean and mean exactly what they say have run in my family for a very long time. Until Taylor wrote Beth, I had the impression that I had no filter! She's on a completely different plane, someone else chimed in. "You're absolutely right, Kevin! The discussion about Yellowstone is accurate! Taylor Sheridan is a really wise person. These roles are being played by excellent actors. Another viewer exclaimed, "I adore John Dutton and Rip Wheeler.
So what can the Yellowstone fanbase anticipate from season 5? The new episodes will begin with John running for governor of Montana, according to Variety. While Kevin avoided giving specifics on how it will appear, he did hint that the path wouldn't be simple. He told ET that "politics [is] poised to overtake him."

It doesn't seem likely that Jamie (Wes Bentley) will be able to win John's approval again. "I think the show would finish. He said, "There'd be nothing to play against," before admitting he has no idea "where the story's going."

Whatever the Dutton family's future holds, there will undoubtedly be strong conversation.

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