Clooney calls his marriage proposal to Amal a disaster

Clooney calls his marriage proposal to Amal a disaster

On Friday's edition of The Drew Barrymore Show, George Clooney detailed the traumatic circumstances surrounding his marriage proposal to Amal Clooney, a human rights attorney. Even though he had prepared for it well in advance, it still took him around 20 minutes to finish.
George remarked, "Everything was a disaster, I planned it out, I planned the whole thing." The problem was that he had placed the engagement ring Amal was supposed to receive in a kitchen drawer. However, she thought it belonged to another woman when she first saw it.

Regarding a song by his late aunt Rosemary Clooney, George said, "I was going to give her the ring exactly at this song 'Why Shouldn't I'. We had a candle lit, but I blew it out so she could fetch the lighter. I then told her, "I got the ring in the drawer, and the song starts.

She pulls the ring out of the drawer when she notices it there, he continued. She declares, "There's a ring there," as if someone had left a ring there in the past. We are aware of the precise duration of [the proposal] thanks to the playlist, and I am down on one knee when the song is playing. 'Goody Goody' was the last song before she finally said yes, although that was planned to happen later when we were dancing. Oh my God, oh my God, she kept saying.
Twins Alexander and Ella, who are five years old, are the couple's only children. The pair got married in 2014.

George also related to Barrymore how he initially met Amal through a mutual friend at Lake Como, where the actor and lawyer now frequently vacations. She allegedly immediately left him speechless.

The most amusing thing was when my agent, Bryan Lourd, called me and said, "There's a girl coming to your house that you are going to marry," George laughed. Lourd had just met Amal at another event and she had answered, "Yeah, I am going to go to Como with a friend of mine."

"You're an idiot, I said. You already know that won't happen," George continued. The actor was regarded as a passionate bachelor and was well-known for his lengthy dating history at the time. "And then Amal walks in, and we talk all night, and I start writing her a bunch of letters," the author says.

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