Christopher Lloyd Performs an Improvised Dance to Honor His 84th Birthday: Celebrate!

Christopher Lloyd Performs an Improvised Dance to Honor His 84th Birthday: Celebrate!

Christopher Lloyd is commemorating yet another elliptical orbit.

The Emmy Award winner celebrated his 84th birthday on Saturday by posting a silly video of himself dancing before laughing. "Celebrate! why not My birthday is today, "In the caption, he wrote.

Other celebrities joined in to wish the Back to the Future actor a happy birthday in the comments section. "Happy birthday, omg! You are a true legend! "Actress and singer Janelle Monáe made a statement.
"Chris, happy birthday! Dear You," In a message to the birthday kid, Tony Danza sent a selfie of the two of them, to which Lloyd added, "Love you Tony!"

Throughout articles and appearances for Back to the Future Day (October 21, the day Marty McFly goes to in Back to the Future: Part II), Lloyd has been reliving his most famous role as Doc Brown from the Back to the Future trilogy.
For the occasion, Lloyd and Fox, 61, got together at New York Comic-Con earlier this month, when he shared a post. "10/21! The day is remarkable for all of us time travellers "The performer wrote. Lea Thompson, his former co-star, also posted some pictures of the cast over the years.

Additionally on Friday, Lloyd participated in the announcement of the Broadway debut of Back to the Future: The Musical in 2023.

The musical stage adaptation of the well-liked 1985 movie made its West End debut in 2021, won the Olivier Award for best new musical in 2022, and is now making its Great White Way debut.
In the musical, Tony Award winner Roger Bart will return as Doc, the time-traveling inventor immortalised on cinema by Lloyd. Together, they created a new teaser trailer for the Broadway production in which Lloyd plays a used car salesman who sells Bart's Doc the famous DeLorean.

Lloyd jokingly said, "I have a feeling you'll be at the Winter Garden Theatre for a long time."

At the Winter Garden Theatre in New York City, performances start on June 30 ahead of an opening on August 3.

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