Children devour junk food, thanks to Gwyneth Paltrow.

Children devour junk food, thanks to Gwyneth Paltrow.

The founder of Goop makes an effort to keep her cabinets stocked with "healthier" treats, but she is content kids let Moses, 16, and Apple, 18, who she has with her ex-husband Chris Martin, make their own decisions even though she wouldn't necessarily agree with them.

"My philosophy is that I try to surround the house with healthier stuff," she stated.

"But they have free will, and I'm sure they choose the Oreos and McNuggets when they're outside the house. More authority to them.

The 50-year-old actress, who is wed to Brad Falchuk, also says she won't "push" her clean-living way of life on her children, but she is glad that her daughter is more interested in it now that she is older.
It's also like, knowing when to concede and give him his space, she said, adding that [Moses is] 16 and he will hardly let me give him a vitamin.

"I make an effort to avoid pressuring them. They will either adopt what they choose to or not since they were reared in a culture that values health. They possess autonomy. We'll see, but Apple tends to be more interested in wellness now that she's 18 rather than when she was roughly in the middle of her teens.

Apple occasionally goes to her mother's exercise courses with her, but she refuses to go for walks with Gwyneth.

She dislikes going on hikes with me, the 'Politician' actress claimed. She doesn't feel it.

Moses, though, is more eager to spend time in nature with his mother.

Moses enjoys skateboarding as well, so we frequently walk while he skates next to me, which is enjoyable, she continued. "Moses will go walks with me, so that's nice."

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