Check out what famous people had to say about the House committees hearings on January 6th.

Check out what famous people had to say about the House committees hearings on January 6th.

Day 9. The Jan. 6 committee of the House of Representatives has been holding public hearings to describe the events of that day, when a violent crowd invaded the U.S. Capitol in an effort to halt the certification of the 2020 presidential election, amid months of inquiry and interviews. Witnesses are outlining what occurred and discussing their experiences in Washington, D.C., that day as part of the proceedings. Early on, graphic, never-before-seen video of the episodes was shown. One especially noteworthy section of the hearing was when Ivanka Trump claimed she accepted the outcome of the election—that her father, Donald Trump, had lost and Joe Biden had won. On October 13, the committee attempted to demonstrate that Trump wanted to overthrow the vote of the people in order to maintain his position of power, and they ended the hearing by deciding to subpoena him. Additionally, Secret Service messages that showed agents were aware that violence would ensue were displayed. Cassidy Hutchinson, a former adviser to Mark Meadows, the White House chief of staff at the time, said in court on June 28 that Trump attempted to strangle a Secret Service agent and wanted armed supporters to be near him during his pre-riot address. She also informed the committee that he flung his lunch plate, smearing ketchup on the wall, in a fit of wrath.

Many Hollywood actors and actresses used social media to express their opinions both during and after the hearings. When Kathy Griffin tweeted on October 13: "Of course the plans for a VIOLENT uprising were known to the secret service. Do you recall the hashtag #Donttakethebait for our group? We were aware that having ONLY magas there would be preferable."

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