Cast of Avatar Concerned James Camerons obsession with the ocean will kill him

Cast of Avatar Concerned James Camerons obsession with the ocean will kill him

James Cameron's preoccupation with the ocean caused the characters of Avatar: The Way of Water to express their concern for his safety.

Sigourney Weaver talked about her worries for Cameron after his voyage to the Mariana Trench in an interview with The New York Times to promote the upcoming Avatar sequel. Weaver stated, "We kept thinking, 'I hope he survives to do a new movie. In order to reach the Mariana Trench, which is the deepest place on Earth, Cameron descended seven miles below the water's surface in March 2012. The filmmaker of Titanic was the first person to finish the underwater valley experience by himself.

In the Pandoran universe of Avatar: The Way of Water, there will be a lot of underwater sequences. Instead of employing CGI to create the scenes, Cameron had the cast receive training from "the world's greatest breath-hold specialists" while submerged in enormous water tanks. When questioned why real water was used instead of effects, Cameron responded that it "looks fantastic."
"Let's go! They must be submerged if you want it to appear that they are underwater "explained Cameron. "It's not a huge leap; if you were filming a western, you'd be out practising your horseback riding. While Sigourney, Zoe, and the others weren't especially ocean-oriented, I was aware that Sam was a surfer." However, Cameron asserted in a different interview that although the water in the Avatar sequel is "largely CG," viewers won't be able to detect the difference.
The impending Avatar sequel, which will be released 13 years after the first film and will pick up the story 15 years later when Jake Sully and Neytiri have parents. Weaver portrays Kiri, a 14-year-old Na'vi who is one of their five children. Cameron had his worries about the performance of Way of Water despite how financially successful the 2009 film was. With Avatar 2 arriving 12 years later, Cameron admitted that he was "a little worried" that he had "stretched the tether too far" in our fast-paced, modern society.
Cameron has also explored his fascination with the ocean for Titanic in addition to Avatar. The director spent a total of more time on the RMS Titanic than its actual commander, Captain Smith, did. Cameron has made 33 trips to the ship's wreckage, which is located about 2 miles under the water near the Canadian province of Newfoundland.

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