CELEBRITY SUITS Celebrities that bravely went n*de for their birthday, including Amanda Holden on cake and Gwyneth Paltrow being doused in gold

CELEBRITY SUITS Celebrities that bravely went n*de for their birthday, including Amanda Holden on cake and Gwyneth Paltrow being doused in gold

Numerous celebrities have completely undressed to celebrate their special day, taking the term "birthday suit" very literally.
Gwyneth Paltrow, who celebrated her 50th birthday this week, hopped on the craze by dousing herself in shiny gold body powder for a photoshoot in the style of Goldfinge

Here are some glitzy celebrities—from Jennifer Aniston to Amanda Holden—who made the decision to mark their special day a little...differently.
Nicki Minaj opted to join the raunchy trend by posing fully n*de as she turned 39 last year.

The rapper covered her breasts with her hands while sitting on a large teddy bear and had bright pink hair.
Jennifer Aniston posed n*ked for the December 2008 issue of GQ magazine only days before her 40th birthday.

With the exception of a strategically placed necktie that concealed her modesty, the actress was entirely n*ked.

A few months later, in February 2009, Jennifer turned 40.
In February of last year, Amanda Holden celebrated her 50th birthday by showcasing her amazing, age-defying physique.

She wrote while standing atop a rose-decorated, three-tier cake: "How did this occur? It's been half a century already.

"Thank you for your warm and caring notes today. My husband Chris and my beautiful girls continue to spoil me rotten.

"My friends made this day extra special by sending the funniest messages and gifts.

"When we can, I can't wait to have a HUGE party. We're going to party all year long since I turn 50."
Gwyneth usually takes a photo of herself in a bikini on her birthday.

She shared a picture of herself in the bathtub last year to mark her 49th birthday.

But in 2020, she ran riot, flaunting her nudist instincts while prance-walking across the forest.

She penned: "Today I'm wearing nothing but my birthday suit, so thank you all for the kind birthday greetings and for the incredible new body butter from @goop that has given me hope that I can still take it off. #goopgenes."
Liz Hurley has barely aged in the past 30 years, and two years ago, on her 55th birthday, she showed off her body in the bathtub to prove it.

As she hid her modesty with the bubbles, the actress created a sensation.

The celebrity said as the post's caption: "Cheers to my birthday! My little group has celebrated five birthdays under lockdown, including my mother's 80th and my son's 18th.

"Grateful to have the best family and friends, as well as to be healthy and happy. I hope one day real life begins again ".
In 2013, when Kate Moss turned 40, she appeared as a Playboy bunny for the venerable publication.

She was observed wearing French cuffs, a collar, bunny ears, a bunny corset, and black stilettos on top of all of that.

The 18-page spread featured an interview with Kate conducted by musician Tom Jones to commemorate Playboy's 60th anniversary.

Kate was wed to the musician Jamie Hince at the time of the photo shoot.
Lindsay Lohan posed in the same outfit she was wearing when she was born in 2019 to mark her 33rd birthday.

The Mean Girls star just added a couple of studs and a few gold bracelets as accessories while carefully positioned her knee to hide her modesty.

She added a simple pink bow and birthday cake emojis to the post's description.
Kourtney Kardashian decided that stripping would be the perfect way to celebrate turning 38 in 2019.

She just put "Birthday suit" in the caption of a hot photo she shared of herself in the pool flaunting her curvy figure.

Very good for a mother of three!

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