By publishing Chahatt Khannas provocative photos, Urfi Javed criticises her and asks,

By publishing Chahatt Khannas provocative photos, Urfi Javed criticises her and asks,

Chahatt Khanna, an actress, and Urfi Javed have gotten into a significant catfight once more. Following a recent heated exchange of words, Chahatt on Sunday used Instagram stories to make a subtle jab at the Bogg Boss OTT star. She called her "brainless" and claimed that neither she nor her husband deserved to be mothers or wives. Without knowing the details, jumping on the news for attention, and looking foolish, Chahatt wrote. Ab dusro ko hi aunty bolke Khush hojao, Allah akal nawaze apko. Brainless se kya hi argument karna, akal hoti to kaam karti ya shot karti na ke semi-N*ked spottings karti, chalo koi na, aap tho Aunty, biwi ya ma
Urfi created a video in response to Chahatt's assertions and uploaded it on her Instagram Stories along with a few provocative images of Chahatt. "I don't get this, yar," she exclaimed. Main biwi aur ma bnne layak nhi hun, ye kitni aunty wali baat, ye kitni maushi wali baat hai Toh poochlo yaar, Arey mujhse. Yaar kisi ki biwi yaar kisiki ma, mereko bnna hi nhi hai. And according to your concept, both the biwi and the ma bnti are finished. Main toh nhi karti believe. The main poori tarah feels everything completely, hun. I'm quite happy with it.
"Aur Chahatt ji aap toh 2-2 baar biwi ban chuki hain, aapne kya ukhada hai," she said. Shadi wadi mein kuch nhi rakha toh aapko toh pta hi hona chahiye

"Main apna dekh lungi aap apna dekhiye," she finished. 1920's side roles karte hua were Chahatt Ji's last thing to happen in a serial. Aap mujhse kariye mat toh kaam ki baat toh, and ye matlab kya hai kuch nhi mila toh kaam. Are you a main karu or a main karu for my ghar's main chala rhi hun or a to tu chala rhi hai? "Apne kaam par dhyaan de"

On Monday, the actress was also photographed in the city. Urfi said, "Mai chaalu nahi kar rahi hu, koi aur chaalu kar raha hai... kyu karu mai," when a paparazzi questioned her about the ongoing altercation with Chahatt.
According to the uninformed, Sukesh Chandrashekhar, a con man who is charged in a Rs 200 crore extortion case, allegedly gave Chahatt presents and money, which allegedly caused the entire feud between the two to flare up once more. After that, Chahatt responded to Urfi's comments by saying, "Kya hua want tobe didi? Ab phir se sorry bolne ka irada hai kya, apne tho bola tha? Sorry, I'm sorry, but bolke rulayegi kya bas kar pagli. Urfi responded by posting lengthy remarks on social media in response.
Urfi wrote a lengthy response to Chahatt's remarks, saying, "I said sorry for speaking about your divorces, why will I apologise for you being imprisoned for accepting money and presents from random men? Stop making yourself seem bad. While you're the one who is willing to go visit men in jail to obtain money, you made a remark about my clothing, calling it rude. No competition, honey. But I apologise; I mistakenly believed that our conflict would be the pinnacle of your professional life. Nothing can top this controversy. You will always be known as a gold digger, and I will always be known as the girl with the strange outfits. The later the better.

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