Burn Angel a Musical Journey

Burn Angel a Musical Journey


burn angel

Burn Angel, it's not a name it is like a face, a dream on its way coming true. The dream that has started with 3 Members, is now has a team of 12 music enthusiasts and counting.

Ashish Sahu, AjSlash & Gulshan Sahu are the founders of this unique band soul of Sufi and soft rock as its genre. The band founded in the year 2017. Ashish Sahu plays the part of vocalist (sometimes guitarist), Gulshan as a drummer, and AjSlash as Guitarist.

Ashish Sahu

music band in durg

Insta Id:- Ashish Sahu 

Gulshan Sahu

music band in bhilai

Insta Id:- Gulshan Sahu 


sufi music band in durg

Insta Id:- AjSlash


AjSlash & Gulshan was formerly a member of one band that has got Splitted for some reason. Ashish Sahu Comes from a family with a musical background.

How it has started?

AjSlash & Gulshan after splitting from their former band met Ashish. They found each other complementing with their musical knowledge & thus a concept of establishing a new band came into light.

So the trio has started practicing as a band from April 2017 got their first break to perform on stage as the band "Burn Angel” in July that year & the journey continues. 
During the early days of this journey, two more members Ashish Kumar & Amit Jain joined the crew.

burn angel band in chhattisgarh

An experience that taught us how to grow & we started improvising ourselves, As the Ashish Sahu remembers in his words. “we got a chance to perform in a dance show in the early days of our band. As we were exploring ourselves as an individual & as a team, it was our promotional event & we were doing it for free. We entered the stage with a 4 piece band. But the performance didn't go as we expected. We have never thought it is going to be our worst show. Nothing was going as planned. We were out of scale, playing poor quality instruments, we have Lost the sync of minor and major during the show, We were so sad, we lost the site from backstage. But this incident doesn’t demoralize us. It taught us many things We have intensified our practice routine, & Started working on each & every note & Corner of our combined as well as individual performances. It helped us improve our quality as a band. Now, as a result, we have successfully marked our impact on more than 200 live shows and still continuing”

Performing at Vrindavan Hotel, Durg

burn angel band group

The Unplugged

After the inclusion of Amit, the band got another soulful vocalist. This helped band to try the version of an unplugged show. The duo, Ashish & Amit has started performing in various unplugged performances, for the shows that allow or demand compact crew but quality performance. Together this duo got a lot of love & admiration that  people started naming them "Amitashish"

burn angel band in raipur

Talent Acquisition

During its journey, the Burn Angel band came in contact with many Talents. Talent Acquisition can be said as the USP of the Burn Angel band. Almost all the members have started their musical journey with Scratch and carved themselves like a diamond during their journey with the band, The Burn Angel band always tried to provide the platform to talents which have capabilities & good musical senses but only searching is a proper platform to show their talent.

The success of this unplugged journey so far has proceeded the Burn Angel band towards Versatility.

Below is the list of our team with such talents as our strong members.

1.   Ashish Sahu (Lead vocalist)
2.   Gulshan Sahu (drummer)
3.   AjSlash (lead guitarist)
4.   Ashish Kumar (Guitarist)
5.   Amit Jain (Vocalist)
6.   Rashmi Banaj ( keyboardist & marketing manager)
7.   Arinjay Jain ( bassist)
8.   Rudra Sahu (cajon player)
9.   Nisha Singh ( Female vocalist)
10. Kamal Jeet ( tabla player)
11. Abhay ( keyboardist)
12. Gaurav Dewanjee (keyboardist)

sufi music band

music band in chhattisgarh

durg music band

burn angel band

best music band in durg

best music band in chhattisgarh

Band Insta Id:- Burn Angel Band

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Keep it up guyss Im always with you All the best for your future life Ashish bhaiya Amit Bhaiya Gulshan ajay bhaiya and didi keep going Love you all ???




Nice blog.......Keep it up bro aj slash




Wow! What a journey.. keep it up guys! And All the very best for your future...


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You are the Rockstar Ashish Sahu

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