Brides in need of a wedding dress can visit the dress bank maintained by taxi drivers in Kerala.

Brides in need of a wedding dress can visit the dress bank maintained by taxi drivers in Kerala.

A girl's ultimate fashion goal in life is to look stunning in her dream wedding dress. Few people are in a position to buy a fresh new outfit every season. The internet has never failed to surprise us with moving tales, but this one really managed to capture our hearts.

Why? Because you've probably heard of a clothes bank, but you've also also heard of a food bank, a blood bank, and a book bank. This isn't just old dress vault, either; it's a wedding gown vault. Nasar Thootha has created a novel way to assist women who cannot afford wedding dresses by creating a "wedding dress bank."

Nasar drives a cab in Malappuram, Kerala, and donates his earnings to buy new clothes for the women of the district. Nasar, who is "an angel in disguise," helps low-income women get their hands on donated lehengas, sarees, and gowns for their weddings.

Aljazeera reports that Nasar has provided free wedding dresses to over 260 low-income ladies on their special days. A video from years ago of Nasar organising clothing in a shop has just surfaced online.

Former UN Environment Programme executive director Erik Solheim shared the video, praising taxi driver Nasar Thootha in Kerala, India, for starting a "unique venture" in the shape of a "Dress Bank" that gives away gently used wedding dresses to women in need. Hero of the people!

Once Nasar got back from his trip to Saudi Arabia, he set his sights on the year 2020 to launch this novel humanitarian enterprise. Nasar initiated the process from a private space after asking for donated bridal gowns. A staggeringly large number of women showed up to make donations, and Nasar was subsequently gifted multiple gowns, many of which arrived at his house without him ever knowing who sent them.

Nasar has the garments dry cleaned after receiving them, and then seals them in a plastic bag to prevent any mould or mildew from forming. All the ladies who are having financial difficulties purchasing their wedding attire should contact Nasar over Facebook and then visit the bank to pick out their dress. Women who are unable to make it to the store in person are not forgotten by Nasar; he will have the dresses shipped to them.

Nasar now stocks 800 bridal gowns that are appropriate for Hindu, Christian, and Muslim brides.

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