Bret Hart desires the expulsion of Goldberg from the WWE Hall of Fame.

Bret Hart desires the expulsion of Goldberg from the WWE Hall of Fame.

The rivalry between Bret Hart and Goldberg is undoubtedly the one that wrestling fans keep hearing about despite the fact that there are many other never-ending feuds. During a WCW match, Goldberg accidentally superkicked Hart, inflicting an injury that forced The Hitman to retire. More than 20 years later, Hart still makes a point to tell his audience that he probably won't ever forgive Goldberg for what happened that evening.
eject him a place of honour
In a recent appearance at a K&S Wrestlefest signing, Hart made a few references to Goldberg (via The Hitman was arguing that Barry Horowitz ought to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Hart was able to make a connection between two topics that, on the surface, had nothing to do with Goldberg.
Hart remarked, "I always believed that if Goldberg went into the Hall of Fame, Horowitz should have as well. His initial jab was at Goldberg, but depending on how you interpret it, it might also be interpreted as a backhanded compliment to Horowitz. When talking about Goldberg's inclusion in the Hall of Fame, The Hitman continued to criticise the former Universal Champion.
Both remain associated with WWE
"Horowitz is a legitimate wrestler. Goldberg was unable to. I believe he was imprisoned for torturing all of the people he worked with. They ought to fire Goldberg. Not something that WWE will ever do. People are rarely kicked out of the Hall of Fame, and even when they are, it usually happens years afterwards. When WWE decided that enough time had gone, Hulk Hogan's Hall of Fame status was revoked before being restored.
In addition, Goldberg continues to have a tight relationship with WWE. The Hall of Famer competed in WWE back in February, saying that even though it was the final bout under his contract, he still desires to face Reigns once more. Hart is still a part of the WWE, as seen by the photo of him watching Clash at the Castle last month from ringside.

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