Bibin Babu Wiki | Age | Biography | Height | Girlfriend | Images And More

Bibin Babu Wiki | Age | Biography | Height | Girlfriend | Images And More

Reading the trace of his walk

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It takes sweat, determination, and struggle to transform the dream into actuality. "Action" produces courage & spirit, and "inaction" breeds fear. Today we are acquainting a gentleman who has reached his goals through hard work, sanctification, and self-belief. He made us believe that everything is feasible if you have faith in yourself. He is an entrepreneur and early-stage investor "Bibin Babu" son of a very encouraging father Mr. P.C Babu. Bibin Babu was born on the 28th day of July in 1991 at the capital of India 'New Delhi. Bibin never lacks intellectuality and was a very active student throughout his study life. Talented boy Bibin always used to participate in extracurricular activities like theatre, sports, and other functions. He has completed his bachelor's at Lovely Professional University, and then he enrolled at the University of South Wales for his further studies. Bibin has grown up in a lower-middle-class family, his parents wanted him to do a good-paying job and to have a stable life but he desired to do something different, he wanted to get into the business field, his parents supported his choice and encouraged him to attain his aim. Bibin's Zodiac Sign is Leo, he stands at the height of 5'8 ft. and has a very engaging character.

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Performance and achievements of the gem

Excellent communicator and speaker Bibin Babu started his first company at a very young age. Bibin's love for innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship, and his interest in this field made him invest in start-ups at the age of 19, and he became an approved investor at the age of 21 through his efforts and steadfast faith. Bibin has obtained admiration and respect throughout his career. He is a blockchain technology evangelist and has been making products and solutions for government, businesses, and institutes. He has successfully worked and invested in software, robotics, human resources, and technology companies throughout his career.

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"Efforts, when put in the right direction pays you back" Bibin is the perfect example of this phrase. His achievements at this young age demonstrate his dedication and hard work. Following are some of the accomplishments that he has earned through his efforts;​​​​​​​

  • Bibin had ranked as 'Top Whiz Kid of India' by India Today. 
  • He has also achieved the 30 Under 30 award in the Technology Category.
  •  He has earned the chance to speak at TEDx three times, it's a big deal, barely 0.02% of the global population got this chance.
  • He has got the Smart Citizen Award from the Government of Uttar Pradesh for social work.
  •  He got Nominated as a steering committee board of the BIRCS chamber forum.
  • He was honored by the World Book of Record, London.

Bibin had featured on the cover page and story of India Today magazine, The Week magazine, and Manorama magazine. He has represented India in the Global Innovation Olympics organized by the Government of China. Bibin deserves admiration because of his achievements at such a young age. An amazing fact is that Bibin was clumsy at maths still managed to work on financial products and Investments, it's not everyone's cup of tea.

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Bibin Babu never stopped living and performing, and through his dense activity he has originated the first Blockchain research centre and free library"BlocSpaze", he is also the co-founder of the World's first Blockchain-based payment platform "Payiza" which is the simple and most innovative Crypto Exchange. Bibinhas also got appreciated and been rewarded by the government of India for fostering and supporting entrepreneurship in tier 2 cities through his initiative Rising Bharat. He has invested in many companies like Shoppe, Peppertap, Snapchat, Vedam Tea, Rack 37, CSL, Shereal, and many more at the early stage.  

Bibin Babu has more than 28.8k followers on Instagram.

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Dedicating some words to conclude

Achievements will follow you, what you need is an action,

Focus on your goals, stay away from distractions.

Be ideal and work hard, Good will be the reactions,

Collect the happiness and joy, rest all need subtraction.

Concentrate on deeds, the results will be reflection

Don’t rush on others trace, life just need satisfaction.

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