Beginning MariahSZN, Mariah Carey transforms from a cackling witch to a singing Santa: It is time.

Beginning MariahSZN, Mariah Carey transforms from a cackling witch to a singing Santa: It is time.

Mariah season has officially begun!

The glitzy 52-year-old announced the beginning of the holiday season on Tuesday with a video that begins with a Halloween theme before switching to a joyful Christmas atmosphere while singing her popular song "All I Want for Christmas."

"It's Time," Mariah penned on the Twitter post, which begins with the singer riding a stationary cycle while wearing the costume of a scowling, smirking witch.

Her laughing and slightly sinister-appearing persona soon changes into merry Mariah riding a reindeer through a winter wonderland.

The best-selling Christmas song of all time, Mariah's holiday smash, then declares it to be "Mariah Season" by including the hashtag "#MariahSZN" on her tweet.
For Mariah, the holidays are a wonderful time of year. In 2019, the song's 25th anniversary year, "All I Want for Christmas Is You" debuted at No. 1. The festive smash took the top spot on Billboard's list of the 100 Greatest Holiday Songs of All Time last year.

Standing in front of three jack-o-lanterns that said "It's not time," the celebrity made a comparable announcement the previous year. She grabbed a candy cane baseball bat and smashed the middle jack-o-lantern as the clock struck midnight.
In a 2020 interview with Elle, Mariah discussed the significance of Christmas for her and said that it was "probably the one time I got to breathe for a second."

"I built the Christmases I wanted to have after I kind of emerged from my first relationship/marriage [to Tommy Mottola], she told the magazine, adding of her difficult upbringing, "A lot of extremely awful events occurred to me when I was 12. But there is also the spirit of that young person, that fighter, who doesn't give up and accepts who she is, even though, in my opinion, the world didn't get that."

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