Before she met Alec, Hilaria Baldwin used to judge couples with large age disparities.

Before she met Alec, Hilaria Baldwin used to judge couples with large age disparities.

The 38-year-old author, who is 26 years younger than her 64-year-old husband Alec, claimed she had second thoughts after meeting the famous actor.

In the first episode of her podcast, "Witches Anonymous," she reflected on her earlier ideas and said: "I used to criticise women and men who had large age gaps before I met [husband] Alec [Baldwin].

"I would see it as this older man wanting a young bimbo who has no thoughts at all.

"I hope you die, and I'm going to grab all your money," the younger woman said, clearly a gold digger who doesn't even give a damn.
Her viewpoint altered after she first met Alec over 12 years ago, before they became engaged in April 2012 and wed two months later.
She clarified: "What was this drilled into my head, I realise now that I'm in that relationship and people constantly say such things about me.

"Why was I being so critical of other people who are literally simply in love? Just because their love is different from yours, yours from yours, or what I imagined love to be, doesn't mean it isn't legitimate."

Together, Alec and Hilaria are parents to seven kids: three boys (Edu, 2, Romeo, 4, Leonardo, 6, and Rafael, 7) and three girls (Ilaria, 7, Maria, 20, and Carmen, 9).

The couple stated they were "overjoyed" to welcome their seventh child into the world in September.

In a statement, they stated: "How appreciative we are to have our newest daughter join us in this world.

"Just as wonderful and loving as each other child we have been blessed with. Her Baldwinito siblings are excited and debating who she resembles the most. We are ecstatic to present newborn Ilaria to you."

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