Because she is not skipping meals, Emily Ratajkowski is a happy girl.

Because she is not skipping meals, Emily Ratajkowski is a happy girl.

When Halsey complimented the model on her rounder "cheeks," the 31-year-old model said that she is "eating well" and inquired what her "habit" was.

Mum-of-one When Emily went around in a cowgirl-style Halloween costume that included black chaps with the rear cut off so they showed off her buttocks, dressed in thong-like underwear, she attracted a tonne of comments on her Instagram.

Along with a video of the model wearing the costume, Halsey, 28, wrote: "Ma the CHEEKS what's the routine?" on Emily's Instagram page.

Simply eating well, Emily retorted. not miss any meals! Happy girl," she concluded, adding an emoji of a sobbing laughing face and a smiley face.
In Emily's video, she can be seen strolling through the streets of New York City with a female friend who is wearing a yellow star costume, all while listening to Lindsay Lohan's narration from the Mean Girls movie's Halloween scene.
Last week, the model, who is rumoured to be unmarried, stated she "doesn't believe in heterosexual people."

I believe that sexuality is on a sliding scale, she told Harper's Bazaar. I don't actually think that heterosexual people exist.

She appeared to come out as bisexual weeks prior to that.

Emily said, "My girlfriend came over and was like, 'B****, have you seen the green-sofa thing?' I joined the TikTok fad last month that claimed women who own a green couch are bisexual. She was making fun of me for having such a large green couch.

I want to be free to enjoy how I come across in the world without worrying about whether I'm a good or bad feminist.

On October 10, she commented to a video asking those who "identify as bisexual" if they "possess a green velvet couch."

Then Emily displayed her green velvet couch before announcing that she and her 19-month-old son Sylvester Apollo Bear have filed for divorce from her estranged husband Sebastian Bear-McClard.

Fans congratulated her for "coming out" as attracted to both men and women in the comments area of her post, with several writing: "Yet another win for the ladies."

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