Batmans career was started and ended by Joe Chill.

Batmans career was started and ended by Joe Chill.

Both the tale of Gotham's future state and Bruce Wayne's exploits as Batman come to an end. Future Situation: Joe Chill, who was in possession of Damian Wayne's body, attacked and hurt Batman in an effort to murder him in Gotham #18 (by Dennis Culver, Justin Greenwood, Brad Simpson, and Troy Peteri). He was vanquished before the end of the issue, but the wounds he inflicted on Bruce rendered him unable of acting as Batman in the field.

Unfortunately, Joe Chill's mission was technically a success. He may not have eliminated Batman or the idea of him, but he did make sure Bruce couldn't go on his crusade against crime. It completes the narrative in a unique way. By killing Bruce's parents, Joe unintentionally started Bruce's career as a crime fighter, and he was there to put an end to it by wounding Bruce so severely that he would never again be a successful fighter.
For Joe Chill, the murders at the time were just another crime. He was unaware of the longer-term effects of traumatising the orphaned child. Given how many individuals were inspired by Batman's cause and joined him in the fight, that choice would undoubtedly haunt Gotham's criminal underbelly for all eternity. However, for the majority of his life, Chill was blissfully oblivious that one night had the power to make individuals like him suffer for all eternity.
The problem, though, showed that Joe eventually figured it out. This information is frequently made public in stories where Batman and Chill clash. Similar to those earlier tales, Joe passed away soon after discovering the reality of his actions. However, in this tale, he was unable to bear the shame of inventing Batman and releasing him on all offenders. It presents a considerably darker image of Joe Chill than what fans have seen in previous years. He felt bad because other criminals had to handle his unfinished business rather than regret for leaving a child orphaned.

He was probably much more vicious than he was before his time in Hell, but he went there with a purpose: to find a way back and kill Batman. The irony is that this time, he is aware of the need to complete the mission and eliminate all remaining Wayne family members as well as anyone who might continue their criminal activities. He didn't, however, put an end to anyone else's or Bruce's life. He was returned to Hell, which was an additional insult.
Future State: Gotham Completes the Circle of Batman's Story
Joe certainly intended to use lyrical irony. He took over Bruce's son, thus turning him against his parent and perverting the events of that tragic night. Bruce may have even been successful if he had been by himself. Bruce had fortunately grown his family, which not only saved his life but also Gotham.

Even though Joe's overall objective was a failure, Bruce was nonetheless the victim of some permanent damage. Bruce was forced to use a cane to walk as a result of the injuries he caused, making it impossible for him to ever again serve as Batman. However, he still had many allies who would carry on his legacy, therefore his fight against crime was unaffected. In the end, Joe Chill may have put a stop to Bruce Wayne's tenure as Batman, but he also gave rise to an a new group of heroes.

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