Balach Masud Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Girlfriend, Family, Images and More

Balach Masud Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Girlfriend, Family, Images and More


balach masud

What will one say about a handsome IT techie who can kick asses at a national-level martial arts competition and as if it was not enough, sets out to steal innumerable hearts being a model? Definitely a daydream? No! This time INFOSAURS brings to you, a dream-like reality in a famous actor and model from Pakistan who has been attracting and astonishing thousands of people lately. Balach Masud is a Pakistani sensation who is noted for his great influencing content on YouTube and Instagram. To know more about this wonder, dive in.



Bold and beautiful Balach was born in 1998 to an honest government employee Khair Muhammad (who also owns his own business) and his beautiful better half in the Pakistani town of Quetta. His interesting childhood evolved holistically in the beautiful city of Karachi. This sweet childhood was shared with his playful brother Abdul Basit (a public figure with a fan-following of over a million), Shahzaib (a national level kickboxing champion who has brought Pakistan several international titles), and Huzaifa who studies in standard X.

Balach Masud Childhood Pic

balach masud childhood pic

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A firmly set square face with the powerful lion-ly jaws are one of the most striking features of Balach. A somewhat flat, diamond-shaped nose sits on his handsome face giving him a kingly aura. Rich black hair shows a picture of perfect nourishment and his deep brown eyes are meant to murder (if looks could kill). Finally, this beauty and charm is a crown on a perfectly shaped body measuring 6'3" tall and a well-balanced 75 kg. This 23-yeared handsome Hercule is thus a model to watch out for. And just for records, our beguiling Balach is a Piscean.

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Beautiful beast Balach had his schooling from Quetta Public High School which laid a solid foundation for his quality life. Apart from a sound mind, Balach also possessed a sound mind, and with sheer willpower, and training, he shone and became the national kickboxing champion.  After schooling, he graduated from Balochistan Institute of Information Technology and turned into a capable IT professional.  After this, he tried multiple competitive exams like PCS and CSS and successfully finished some diploma courses. However, despite trying a diverse range of fields, he could find nothing which truly caught his interest. One day, Balach appeared for auditions in Waqar Zaka's popular show 'Champions' and got selected. This rose him to prominence and fame. He then gave several photoshoots as a model for popular brands. He then gave several photoshoots as a model for popular brands which include Gul Ahmed, Amiradnan, Velo, and etc.

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He also got the chance to work with the very famous, 'Lux award winner' photographer of Pakistan, Khawar Riaz which also furthered his already soaring popularity. This came as a boost in his demand in the fashion industry. Meanwhile, he appeared as a participant in the loved game shows like  'Aisey Chalega'  hosted by Danish Taimoor and 'Khush Raho Pakistan' hosted by Faisal Qureshi. He was the winner of the V-season of the game show. He also works with the no. 1 advertisement agency of Pakistan, the 'Citrus Talent'. Already having a few good T.V. commercials in his kitty, he is now looking forward to acting in Drama Serials. In fact, in near future, he is all set to be a part of a gripping Fantasy drama. In the world of social influencing, he is no small name! Balach has some 168k+ followers on Instagram BalachMasud and his YouTube channel 'Balach Masud' has over 258k+ subscribers! This is also a good portion of his handsome income.

balach masud family


As with most of us, Balach too learns and grows from movies. The movie '300' never fails to enthrall him and inspire him a lot. His favorite actor is Michele Morrone and his most liked actress is Preity Zinta. He also likes to get lost in engaging web series and his favorite series is 'Peaky Blinders'.  Apart from his professional work, he loves reading books and taking to sports as his hobbies. His biggest dream is to fulfill the dream of his parents. It was his friends and family who were quick to gauge his unusually good looks and inspired him to be a model/ actor. When it is about habits, Balach is full of them. His good habit is being very punctual and finishing all works with perfection. His bad habit is sometimes, he is given to long delays due to his passion for perfection. Balach takes great care of his body and never touches smoke or booze. His key for a happy life is always doing good without expecting anything in return - 'Nekii Kar, dariyaa me daal'. He was a real imp as a child and remembers how he used to try and terrify people by acting like a ghost! He claims that he owns a really useless habit - he can "fix" anything.

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An IT professional turned model
Balach is an eye candy - meant to be oggled
As INFOSAURS toil to introduce this actor charming
His fame continues to skyrocket with a rate alarming
Through YouTube and Insta, he influences a lot
This is a sharp brain, with a frame strong and hot
This national kickboxing champ, can kick any ass
Infinitely spirited, he never runs outa gas
Millions  of fans shower love, on him without cessation
Terribly pleasing to eye, Balach is a sensation
To all the followers, he is a source of elation
Hauntingly pleasing, is this Pakistani sensation

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