BTSs Jungkook Listening to Harry Styles Has Fans Demanding a Collab

BTSs Jungkook Listening to Harry Styles Has Fans Demanding a Collab

Fans of K-pop and Harry Styles are finding common ground after BTS’s Jungkook shared a video of him listening to the former One Directioner’s new music.

Jungkook posted a whopping 46-minute video of his “Camping Vlog,” where he took fans along on his camping trip — the drive to get there, cooking dinner, roaming around the beach, among other chill activities. He dished on missing his dog, his fellow bandmates, and his appreciation for fans.

He also spent a good chunk of time listening to music, including at least two songs off of Harry’s new album, “Daylight” and “Matilda.”

Seeing the artists you love support other artists you love can be a fun crossover event, and it clearly meant a lot to fans who are enthusiastic about both singers.

People also shared around another clip of Jungkook humming “As It Was,” the first single from Harry’s House.

Last November, members of BTS were famously pictured hanging out with Lizzo during one of Styles’ concerts in Los Angeles. Jungkook also recorded his own version of “Falling” from the former boy bander’s album Fine Line.

Calls for Styles to collaborate with BTS, or even just Jungkook, are nothing new, but definitely ramp up in moments like this. And with as many fans as both artists have, joining together just might temporarily break the internet entirely. Let’s go to it!

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