At least in the game of the expensive celebrity skincare lines, another day means another money. Brad Pitt announced the launch of his new skincare line, Le Domaine, joining the ranks of Hailey Bieber's Rhode Skin (formerly just Rhode) and Kim Kardashian's SKKN (hard to not read as "suckin'"). Despite the many language used to promote Le Domaine on its website and the fact that it is intended to be gender-neutral, scientific, and "terroir-based," all other indications suggest that Pitt isn't at all interested in it.

In an exclusive interview with Vogue, Pitt objects to inquiries about the typical celebrity skincare brand, which is apparently meant to promote the goods he is currently peddling. He declines the offer of a product demonstration and refuses to "drop the skincare routine" he employs personally. He's too agitated for facials and has no idea what a gua sha is. In addition to "inspiring" him with her work with Goop, he attributes his friend Gwyneth Paltrow with convincing him to wash his face twice daily.

So why is Pitt doing this if he doesn't intend to become a "beauty baron" and claims not to even be familiar with the term and just practises good skincare habits when he is being "taken care of"? That's a great question, and the response ought to be clear: All of this is related to his contentious vineyard, which he and his ex-wife Angelina Jolie are still suing each other over. If you recall, Pitt sued Jolie earlier this year for selling her portion of their former joint winery Château Miraval to a Russian oligarch (we've all been there). Pitt claimed Jolie "sought to inflict harm" on her ex-husband with the sale. (In contrast, Jolie's claims that Pitt had physically abused her and endangered their children on a private flight in 2016 are included in a newly made public FBI report.)

It seems that the grapes from Château Miraval are what distinguish the Le Domaine skincare range and drive up the price of its goods like "the serum" or "the cream" to over $300. Pitt is actually fucking invested in those grapes, in contrast to how completely indifferent he appears to be in the operation of his skincare brand. "I distinctly recall reading about the beneficial effects of grape skins on health as a topic we wanted to look into. But the fundamental notion returns to this location from the very beginning. It's just so fertile and immersed with creativity. Keep an eye out for Pitt-branded olive oil soon, as Pitt tells Vogue, "We create olive oil, truffles, and honey here."

Pitt seemed to believe that the "genderless" quality of Le Domaine is simply a result of the product being largely odourless. I don't know if it's just that I believe in being as inclusive as possible, he continues, the question mark in his beliefs doing a lot of the heavy lifting.

Pitt discusses his "family and friends" as his top concerns in the final section of the Vogue interview. He continues, saying that they are "at the end of the day, all that matters," which is probably why he keeps suing his own.

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