Atif Shekh Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Girlfriend, Family, Images And More

Atif Shekh Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Girlfriend, Family, Images And More


Who doesn't know that laughter is the best medicine? And that on average, children laugh say some 500 times a day, while adults come down to a miserly 15-20? In such a world of escalating anxiety and diminishing laughter, a great responsibility lies on the creators of laughter and joy. Stand-up comedians, comedy content creators, clowns, and entertainers. And with the grim Covid19 situation we all are stuck in, laughter becomes much more than a luxury. It is a necessity. And this necessity is best addressed by some guffawing magicians! Today, for a smile on all of your face, INFOSAURS brings a blog about Atif Parwez, a comic content creator who has tickled the funny bone of thousands. He is a famous Instagrammer and YouTube who shall be discussed in detail as we proceed. So, get ready to etch a deep and dimpled smile on your face as we go through the life of Atif.

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Amiable Atif Parwez was born on  06.05.2002 to an honest father Mr. Parwez Ahmed and affectionate mother Mrs. Rounaque Afroz in Dhanbad. He was also bought up in Dhanbad. Atif's memorably beautiful childhood was spent with his caring brother Ashif Parwez and sweet sister Nahid Rukhsar. Atif received very effective education from a series of good schools including St. Thomas High School, Topchanchi School, Dhanbad, and D.A.V Model School, F.R.I, Dhanbad. After passing out of high school, Atif joined G.P. Narsa college in Dhanbad. Here, he is pursuing Mining Engineering. It is this background which brings us to the current point from where Atif will begin his comic journey without ever, ever looking back.

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Awesome Atif is a pretty good-looking guy.  This 19-year old comedy-maker stands 5'8" tall and weighs an optimum 75 kg. Atif has deep black eyes and thick black hair. Along with those, he has a pleasing face with an infectious smile which can make anyone smile. 

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This happy personality had always wanted to make people smile. Also, Atif had always wanted to be a YouTuber. He was also aware that there is a huge amount of cringe-worthy content available on every social media platform. There was a lot of copying of content which is adopted to gain quick and fake popularity. Atif was averse to such tactics and was strictly against engaging in any such activity. Atif's purpose was clear. He simply wanted to compose some unique videos who sole aim was to put a smile on people's face. He was good at roasting and wanted to go for it. However, unlike the popular norm, roasting and comedy can be clean and healthy too and is not necessarily dependent on abusiveness and vulgarity. Atif feels that roasting should be done in a gentle and cultured way so that nobody gets seriously offended. "Who are we to abuse anyone's mother or sister?", thinks Atif.

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To spread his dream-work and ideas, Atif found Instagram most suitable. Soon, Atif was busy producing reel after reel in Instagram. Right intentions and genuine art never get ignored! Atif's noble cause got recognized in no time and he was soon drowning in love and support from thousands of admirers. Atif adds that he is honestly thankful and grateful for all this love and encouragement from the viewers and hopes and requests for a similar response in his YouTube channel as well. Comedy-expert Atif Parwez runs his Instagram handle with the name "Atif Shekh". Currently, Atif's Instagram has an unbelievable following of 125k+ and his YouTube channel too is fast growing with over 6k+ followers. Atif's Instagram video called 'BMW' seems to have broken several records and was terrifically popular with over 17 million views! This video had gone truly viral. Hopefully, with his clean and 'watchable-with-family' content keeps gaining more popularity and keeps creating new milestones all the way along. Currently, Atif is still an engineering student and his source of income is simply social media.


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Like any other person, hilarious Atif too loves watching movies and gain useful things from them. The movie closest to his heart is '3 Idiots'. 'Money Heist' is one web series which was especially appealing for Atif. Rashmika Mandhana and Nawazuddin Siddiqui are actors which are most admired by Atif. He also enjoys good food and his favorite is Biryani. This funny and multi-colored personality like 'Black' color. This humorous and cool personality prefers cool and heavenly Dehradun as a travel destination. What are his hobbies? Obviously, comedy, entertaining people and also singing. His good habits are being hard-working and dedicated and serious about his work. His bad habit is a little lack of patience. By the way, Atif stays away from alcohol and smoke. His mantra for a joyful life is simple - Be happy and make others happy. His dream is big but simple - to become the greatest entertainer on YouTube. It was Bhuvan Bam (BB ki Vines) who had inspired him to show his talent of comedy-content-creation.


With a twinkle in eyes and on lips a smile 
Atif will make you laugh, in his own unique style
INFOSAURS todays brings, for you an artist of laughter
Who will make you so happy, humorously, you'll be looked after
Still doing engineering, Atif has already tickled masses
Thousands of followers, his Insta and YouTube amasses
To roast people without their sentiments hurting 
Being clean and abuse-free, efforts he is exerting 
May Atif succeed, in his laughter-service noble
May his fame surpass India, and he be a star global
May more milestones he create, may more records he topple
May his fame spread out wide, may he be  a star global

atif sheikh

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