Aryan Katoch Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Girlfriend, Family, Images And More

Aryan Katoch Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Girlfriend, Family, Images And More


Aryan Katoch

Music is the language even dumb can speak. It is like a WiFi connecting souls. And today, INFOSAURS brings to you a WiFi provider who has successfully woven a network of countless music lovers. Meet Aryan Katoch, a rapidly rising music prodigy whose sweet songs and miraculous voice have thrilled and enraptured innumerable music enthusiasts. When Aryan sings, he transmits pure bliss which fills each and every heart with joy and celebration and sometimes, with pain and desperation (sad songs). So, without much ado, let us set upon this journey of seven swaras to understand Aryan a little better as a singer.

Aryan Katoch gehraiyaan


Alluring Aryan was born on 17.11.1999 to a protective papa Mr. Ishwar Katoch and a doting mother Mrs. Shashi Katoch in the snowy paradise of Shimla in Himachal Pradesh. Aryan shared his happy and playful childhood with his pretty and sweet sister Ashima. Aryan's family ( what he defines as so) is incomplete without his best friend Arush who is an integral part and parcel of his life. Born in Shimla, he grew up in beautiful Kullu. He received his holistic education from DAV, Rampur. After high school, he will graduate from HPU next year. And this was all. From a young hummer, Amazing Aryan had grown into a possibility of a  promising singer.

Aryan Katoch childhood pic

Aryan Katoch Childhood Pic

Aryan Katoch family

Aryan Katoch with his Family

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Aryan Katoch Bestfriend


The 21-year old Singing Sensation is also richly blessed with good looks. A fair and clear complexion enhances the radiance of his handsome face. His dark brown eyes further his charm. Aryan has rich black and thick hair. Aryan says that his hair is black but "ese to kaale hain par dhoop me laal dikhte hain". This soulful singer has a good height of 5'8" and weighs a controlled 65 kg which is indicative of his fit and toned body. This very talented singer is fondly called 'Momo' by his family and close people. Also, he sports one tattoo on his body. However, it is very personal. And by the way, Aryan is Scorpion.

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Aryan calls himself a 'Pahadi guy from Kullu'. He is from a humble farming background. They own magnificent apple orchards as well! Coming back to music, with his raw talent and sheer hard work, he rose to prominence. Right now, Aryan releases his songs and tours all around India with his popular band 'The Lost Fireflies'. He has also done well as an advertisement film assistant director. Then, Aryan felt like directing his own music videos. Since he also was great in writing songs and composing his own music. Aryan got the major breakthrough when his debut song 'GEHRAIYAAN' crossed the insane 500k+ views/ streams (inclusive of all platforms). Although his song 'GEHRAIYAAN' had earned just $8, he is very happy about the success. Soon after this success, Aryan released another music video ''KHAMIYAAN' which was another hit. His Instagram is a popularity explosion which has about 100k+ followers! Aryan earns handsomely from his shows, social media campaigns and other sources. There are many projects for the future, but in the near future, Aryan is working on his music album.

Aryan Katoch khamiyaan


This rockstar musician is fond of movies and true to his status, his favorite movie is Ranbir's Rockstar! The recent web series Family Man is his favorite. Manoj Bajpayee and Tabu are the actors which leave deep impressions on this singer. Dharmashala is one place which Aryan considers his most loved travel destination. For hobbies, Aryan keeps singing and amusingly 'sleeping'.  In fact, this is a lesser-known fact that Aryan owns the rare ability of sleeping anytime and anywhere. What are his good habits? If we ask his family, NONE! And bad habits? There are many. Sleeping throughout the day, Sleep-eating (Eating while sleeping), Sleep-composing (making songs in sleep), doing everything while half-asleep. Aryan adds that further information can be obtained from his mother. Aryan is an occasional smoker and drinker. What is his formula for a happy life? You guessed it right! Sleep!! Just kidding. He thinks that being grateful to everything is the key. There is a particularly sad but amusing childhood memory. Once, little Aryan could no longer hold it and pooped in his pants. He had spent a long time crying in the washroom, too ashamed to tell his teacher. Aryan's dream is to be happy and to help as many people as possible. Hardships of his mother and father and a determination to end them was what inspired Aryan to become a singer.

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A fair and handsome talent, effortlessly sings
To you, this singing star, INFOSAURS brings
From a modest background of farming
He evolved into a rockstar cool and charming
Throughout the country, he tours and performs
More hearts he wins, more fans he forms
With an Instagram thronging with a lakh of fans
Aryan shows, that there's nothing he can't
He plays the hearts chords of yours and mine
Follow his YouTube songs and feel the divine
His soulful notes resonate, rise and shine
Aryan is an awesome singer with a music divine

Aryan Katoch instagram

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Aryan Katoch bio

Aryan Katoch age

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